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Comment Interesting times (Score -1) 754

Well, if you're a programmer, a system designer or anything to do with the "digital revolution", maybe you'll be better off hiding it. You'll never know when some disgruntled worker out of a job may decide to come for you. It may get nasty. It may get bloody. By all means, can't wait for violence against IT workers to become commonplace. What's the better line: "computer programmers hanged" or "computer programmers necklaced"? Lynching can take so many interesting forms.

Comment Re:Hal is correct that parents have a resonsibilit (Score -1, Flamebait) 362

First, you don't have kids because no-one would screw you. Second, even if you could reproduce through artificial insemination or through rape (a common fantasy among geeks until they actually try and get beaten up HARD) your polluted genes would produce a substandard specimen just like you are. And third, you don't have the money to send a kid to study anywhere. Now, be like you hero swartz and kill yourself. Did you know that he was all purple in the face, with his tongue hanging out and his bloodshot eyes bulging out when his mama found him? His pants were soiled with piss and shit. What AN HERO he was. :)

Comment Re:Abrams is a Hatchet Man (Score -1) 376

Aw, come on. Don't be a dummy all the time. Nobody complains about new Dreck but loserboy nerds who have invested their very little lives into it. Their computer drives are full of dreck fanfiction, they have petabytes of photomanipulations and assorted shit cluttering them. They spend their lonesome nights chatting with other lowlife nerd scum and having slapfights on their favourite episodes that nobody can really remember. They insist on how "life-changing" or even "history-changing" rottenpenis' dreck has been. Of course, it's a bunch of shit. Star dreck was a badly written, badly acted and altogether bad show which happened in a time where other SF shows were actually worse. It had no redeeming quality and was deservedly cancelled. But the pedophile geeks couldn't let go (a sizeable percentage of convicted pedophiles are trekkies) and pestered the production for decades. Now, these days this kind of behavior would result in massive "fuck you" from the rightsholders, but the bothersome sniffles from a legion of crybabies gave a mediocre and untalented hack like rottenberry leverage to try and make a new series that got nowhere. Then they made a movie, and it was a flop. It was only when they tried to make cool action movies like "The Wrath of Khan" which happened to be set in dreckland that things changed. Now, Abrams has done the right thing: it has remade dreck for the Cool People, which is the audience that matters. So, set your phasers on "jerkoff" and shove it up your butts, loserboys, because it's not going away. Old dreck is dead. As for Star Wars, it badly needs a new direction so shove your fake lightsabers up your ass and shake it.

Comment Classic (Score -1) 90

Typical nerd behavior: since the actual object of their hatred is forever out of reach and forever above their abilities, they pick an unrelated and easier target that is connected to the real target only in their imagination, twisted by rationalizations of absurdity. Just like nerds in school pick on disabled and otherwise weaker kids because the jocks they hate for being so successful would destroy them in a second. Yes, it is true: nerds are bullies, like all loserboy weaklings, and they pick on the defenceless, usually the handicapped. Nerds are not "intelligent and misunderstood nice guys", they're of average or less-than-average intelligence self-centered monsters with no social skills whatsoever who shun competition as "beneath them" because, surprise surprise, they're not up to it. To make up for their inadequacy they either invent parallel realities where they're great heroes and take refuge into self-imposed autism (camouflaged as assburger syndrome) or they pick on really defenceless people. It always happens. Beat up the nerd, shit on its face, it deserves it.

Comment Re: Wow (Score -1) 349

Why don't you both get into a cage armed with knives and stab each other until one (preferably both) dies? Ah, right, you would simply flap your arms left and right grunting and panting like all nerds do. Until some jock steps into the room, grabs you by your scrawny necks, bash your heads together then seize your wrists and says "look, this is how it's done" and make you stab each other in the eyes. And then he shits on your faces.

Comment Re:this has me wondering (Score -1) 151

Why end the fun with a single blast? And anyway, those megatons would go to waste: better to carpet-nuke the place than to have a single explosion, it would vaporize the ship and turn the beach to glass, but it wouldn't break up the island and melt the rock all over the place. We want to be thorough and professional in our extermination efforts, please.

Comment Re:this has me wondering (Score -1) 151

Why shaped charges and torches? Slow and lame. Detonate a nuke on it, 150 kt will be fine. I'd say three to four warheads will clean up the place nicely. Oh, wait, there's an inhabited island near by, nuke the island first so the poor folks on it don't get radiation poisoning. Six airburst in the 200 kt range will do it, then another 6 penetrating warheads at 500 kt yield to break up the island so it won't pose a hazard to navigation anymore. There's nothing you can't solve with nuclear weapons. They tend to settle the argument just fine.

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