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Comment Re:Lol (Score -1) 401

What are the poster's legal options? Should the police be notified?

No. Why? Actually, I would like for the poster to try and make good on his laughable, empty threats. Were he not the cowardly turdbrain he is, I'd love for him to come about. That way I could grab him by his scrawny neck, bash his head against the wall, twist his arms so hard he couldn't jerk off for, like, forever and stomp on his minuscule testicles with my boots. And then I would shit on his face.

Comment Re:The premise is still borked (Score -1) 545

Can you rebel when you have handguns and they have hellfire missiles?

Of course you can, but you need to pick your targets well. You don't target the robots, you target the robots' operators, their builders, the engineers that design and maintain them. The key to successful insurgency is to choose your fights and play to your own strengths. Of course, defeatism is the first refuge of the loserboy.

Comment Re:what happens if the chick get pregnant? (Score -1) 240

Hell has always been partly frozen. Ever heard of Cocytus? Ah, forgot, nerds can't even go to Hell. They'll be condemned to the Anteinferno or Vestibulus, where they'll be forced to run naked pursued by wasps and blowflies, after an insignialess banner. Their blood and tears will be consumed by maggots.

Comment Re:600k? He's going to be a criminal after prison. (Score -1) 105

He won't get out of prison. Not alive. The inmates will rip him to shreds after they're done turning his bunghole into a highway tunnel. Aye, they will be able to run two Amtraks side by side through his overdilated craphole. If fate is merciful, he won't be able to feel it, having gone numb from the abuse. I hope his relatives have already said their goodbyes because there won't be much left of him to bury or cremate. Probably the remains won't fill a bucket. That's what happens when you're a weakling playing tough guy: you get shat upon. Or rather, as in this case, you get your flesh ripped apart and devoured, then you get shat upon with the shit that was *YOU*.

Comment Re:More Power (and Money) To Them! (Score -1) 130

Did I fucking pretend to be an astrophysicist, loserboy nerd? Information is out there for smart people to seek and get a clue, while imbeciles like you pull theories out of your ass without checking the facts first. Before stating that the "Sun will go supernova billions of years from now", you could have checked. And by the way, I'm a part-time amateur astronomer who happens to have read some good books on the subject between one football match and the other, I have known the fact before Wikipedia was born. Now if I ever do a sum in my head you'll say "I should have used a pocked calculator too". Piece of shit. The projected end date for life on Earth is 450 to 600 million years in the future, not billions. Unless you think it will make any difference when the Earth will be nothing but a scorched rock. Don't mask your crapheadedness under allofoid pretenses, turdbrain.

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