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Comment Re:Sunday morning here (Score -1) 417

Won't happen. If anything, the EU will fracture - again - in anti-US and pro-US blocks, as it happened with the Iraq war. The EU is breaking apart from withing, as an effect of the worse economical crisis it ever faced. Anti-German sentiment in southern Europe is stronger than anything against a foreign power. Now, if the EU had any balls, all countries that are part of it would immediately and unilaterally withdraw from NATO, denying the US the bases and assets it badly needs to project power. This would also have the effect to normalize the relationships between the EU and Russia, which happens to be a more important commercial partner than the US. All American companies in Europe should also be investigated. The Nobel Prize foolishly awarded to Bonobo must be taken back, immediately. But do not dream, EU politicians are only strong and brave when it comes to beat down their own citizens... Err, subjects.

Comment Rest of the world says... (Score -1) 577

... Bonobo, take your plan and shove it up your ass, along with a fucking drone. And before you go suck Mullah Omar's cock and the Talibans shit on your face, give back the Nobel Prize you didn't deserve to begin with. Got it, Bonobo, or are you too stupid to read anything that's not a teleprompter?

Comment Re:But... *COMPUTERS*! (Score -1) 322

Suicide loonies should be left to kill themselves. If they don't want to live fine, go away, we don't need them, they're just wasting space and oxygen. Want to off yourself, loserboy? Go ahead, see how much I care. Your life ain't worth anything to you, it sure ain't worth a millishit to me. Fuck you. Come on, kill yourself already, what are you waiting for? Just do it already, turdbrain, you're taking too fucking long. No, don't start whining for fuck's sake, you're just being annoying. Are you still there? Shit, can't you make up your fucking mind as long as you still have an intact brain to do it? Come on. Put that barrel to your head. No, not your temple, your fucking hand is trembling, you're going to miss your skull from a 1cm range. Jee-roo-sa-lem! What an idiot. There, fill your mouth with water, put the barrel under your chin, cock the hammer and squeeze, so the pressure wave will blow your fucking skull open. Aw come on, are you waiting for me to do it for you, loserboy? Shit. What a waste of time you are. You can't even kill yourself properly. Come on, chickenshit, are you going to take all fucking day? DO IT! PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER! BLOW THAT FUCKING STINKING SHITBRAIN TO PIECES! BE NO MORE! Oh great. Now you're crying and sobbing and pissing your pants. Fucking loser. Waste of air.

/Beheads the loser.


Comment Re:jumping the gun? (Score -1) 322

Plastic printed guns DO have a use - the same one as the original Liberator: use it to kill an enemy with a real weapon, and then use THAT weapon. They give a small chance to people who would otherwise have none, and weigh heavily on the thoughts of would-be thugs. Hard to go about on the intimidation business when, going home, you could fall victim to a tumbling bullet fired from short range by a cheap weapon. Not so smug now with your intestines shredded, aren't you?

Comment WTF (Score -1) 94

"IT was one of the few industries Ireland was getting right." So what? Is IT taking a dive because Eire's ISPs are bowing to the MAFIAA will? Absolutely not: the fate of Ireland's IT has NOTHING to do with what their ISP will or won't do. It has everything to do with competitivity. The irish ISPs may even benefit from licking the MAFIAA's boots, there are always rewards for willing slaves. But no, there won't be any form of backlash, especially from consumers. The time a stand could be taken to keep the Net the way we wanted is now irrevocably gone. It's over. The fight for freedom will be moving elsewhere. Thanks for not doing anything, folks.

Comment Re:Obama Commits Perjury (Score 0) 457

Lord Bonobo is above the law, he has Higher Priorities and legions of sophisticated adoring followers will gladly and sophisticatedly kill you and everybody even remotely connected to you in order to protect their Beloved Leader. Join in the siegheiling and the greatbrothering now. Or are you a republithug? Or (GASP!) a terr-ow-reest?

Comment Yeah, right (Score -1) 316

Because an iPhone or any similar crapozoid cameraphone can take pictures of any distant subject. Suppose you have to take pictures of anything from beyond a police cordon, what are you going to do? Even an inexpensive compact camera with good lenses and a nice zoom is going to be better. Lame. Close Chicago Sun-Times down, melt down the presses, throw the board of directors into the molten metal and set fire to the building.

Comment Re:David Tennant (Score 0) 375

I wish he didn't have to leave.

Neither did he. He didn't want to go... Legs, he still got legs, good. Arms, hands, ooh, fingers, lots of fingers. Ears, yes, eyes too. Nose, he had worse. Chin, blimey. Hair... He's a girl! No, no! he's not a girl. he's still not ginger. There's something else, there's something important. he's, he's, he's... Ha! Crashing! Haha! woohoohoo! Ah! Geronimo!

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