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Comment Re:Obama Commits Perjury (Score 0) 457

Lord Bonobo is above the law, he has Higher Priorities and legions of sophisticated adoring followers will gladly and sophisticatedly kill you and everybody even remotely connected to you in order to protect their Beloved Leader. Join in the siegheiling and the greatbrothering now. Or are you a republithug? Or (GASP!) a terr-ow-reest?

Comment Yeah, right (Score -1) 316

Because an iPhone or any similar crapozoid cameraphone can take pictures of any distant subject. Suppose you have to take pictures of anything from beyond a police cordon, what are you going to do? Even an inexpensive compact camera with good lenses and a nice zoom is going to be better. Lame. Close Chicago Sun-Times down, melt down the presses, throw the board of directors into the molten metal and set fire to the building.

Comment Re:David Tennant (Score 0) 375

I wish he didn't have to leave.

Neither did he. He didn't want to go... Legs, he still got legs, good. Arms, hands, ooh, fingers, lots of fingers. Ears, yes, eyes too. Nose, he had worse. Chin, blimey. Hair... He's a girl! No, no! he's not a girl. he's still not ginger. There's something else, there's something important. he's, he's, he's... Ha! Crashing! Haha! woohoohoo! Ah! Geronimo!

Comment Re:at least they're trying... (Score -1) 326

That's because they are of no interest. When someone decides it's in their best interest to control Costa Rica's assets and resources, they will just step in and the "international community" will foot the bill to address the issue, or not. Wars are not caused my the military, unless they also control the government in which case they're not strictly the military anymore. Armies have been built in order to fight wars with more efficiency and to spare throwing the populace on the front line.

Comment Re:The stupidity of Cody Wilson (Score -1) 551

So you support censorship, and restriction of information only to a restricted elite, hmmm? Are you a fucking franco frattini fanboy, are you? Either information is free or it isn't. Plans for 3D printed guns are nothing. Anyone who has a decent education in chemistry (as I have, thanks to a Catholic education) can make improvised explosives, incendiaries and poison gas from household chemicals. I suppose you will want to ban chemistry teaching as well. And what about forcibly registration of physics students? By the way, only a part of the fission-fusion-fission device is still classified: the simple fission bomb design is out of the bag. You can keep masturbating in a fetid pile of your own feces dreaming your security dictatorship world but the true is that, like frattini, you're a disgusting berlusconi-cocksucker, kadhaffi-supporting turdbrained loserboy. Dismissed.

Comment Re:They will see no fallout from the AP wiretappin (Score -1) 318

HEY! If that guy really is suicidal you are committing a crime, you jerk.

Removing an vile pile of garbage from this fair planet is not a crime.

The ones who didn't follow through on it (almost all of them) did so because they came to their senses and found a reason to continue

No, they simply were too stupid to even commit suicide correctly. You can't even trust a homo nerdo to slice butter the right way. There is no reason for any of that ugly, abhorrent subhuman pestilence to keep on living, they must all be destroyed in order for beauty to thrive. You shall suffer no geek to live: hunt them down without mercy, humiliate and debase them, let them know that the only respite is in non-existence. So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

Comment Re:Manhunt? (Score -1) 32

Since when have we accepted this term into our everyday language?

Since a lot of time. It's OK. Stop whining.

Where is the justice in a "hunt"? Hunting ends with a kill, not with a prosecution.

Nobody fucking cares. That's the way it should be.

Honestly I don't know why we tolerate such dehumanisation.

Why should we care a millifuck what you know or not? If you're ignorant, shit on you. We love the thrill of the hunt and the magic, orgasmic moment when we catch our prey, tear open its throat with our bare teeth and rip its fucking spine out, brandishing it over our head, blood dripping down on us like a crimson shower, bellowing a primal scream of triumph!

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