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Comment Re:somebody read it (Score 1) 304

I work just around the corner from the C-net offices in Southwark, and walk around the whole area listening to internet radio (mp3/shoutcast) using 3g on my N95 so I know the 3g signal is pretty good. This is using T-mobile. I'm considering this device when I get my upgrade in December. The 02 signal WILL be pretty good in that area too as it is just on the other side of the river from the City of London (i.e. the city centre/finance district for the merkins reading this) If they wanted to test it on Wifi there is free wifi access at the Island Cafe which is a 2 minute walk from their offices, and do a rather nice full english breakfast to make the most of their testing. I use it to test the VPN software for my end users and naturally I have to have a full english when i'm there, it's only fair ;)

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