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Comment Re:They're taking the right approach (Score 1) 171

Selling it as a phone that combines the security and safety of an enterprise phone with the features an fun of a "home" phone is the right approach.

It was the right approach 3 years ago when everybody else did it, too: iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 & 8 have that already.

They need to move beyond "enterprise", because what was previously their selling point is now just another bulletpoint feature all smartphones have.

Comment Re:Not a "DROPBOX" Alternative - File Sync Yes (Score 1) 96

Cubby is awful though, it polls your disk instead of registering with the OS for change notifications-- meaning if your Cubby is on an external HD, it never goes to sleep.

The "gold master" in this space is Windows Live Mesh. Microsoft is (stupidly) closing that down, and there's no replacement anywhere of equivalent ease and quality.

Hopefully Bittorrent's new product will become that replacement. Or Microsoft will pull their head out of their ass and turn the servers back on.

Comment Re:Yes, unfortunately TIOBE is bollocks. (Score 2) 535

But they don't seem to follow their own rules. PowerShell has a Wikipedia page, why isn't it listed?

More confusingly, if you code in VBScript are you included in the classic VB bucket? What about JScript and JavaScript? If so, fine. But if not, than there's two other languages they're excluding despite their own rules.

Since VBScript and JScript aren't listed individually, I assume that JScript queries are all counted as JavaScript. Ok fine. But wait... ActionScript does not! What's the difference between JScript and ActionScript? Both are based on the ECMAScript standard, but use their own unique API (not DOM, like JS in the browser world). Why does one have its own ranking when the other does not?

Comment Re:...Bash? (Score 1) 535

How come BATCH (.BAT) isn't on there, then?

Presumably because it's been deprecated for like 15 years.

VB comes in at number 7, and JavaScript comes in at number 10. Since this index doesn't list VBScript and JScript separately, you can assume that VBScript queries are some proportion of those VB queries, and JScript queries are some proportion of those JavaScript queries. But it's hard to be sure with the way the list is presented.

Also they don't seem to be counting PowerShell at all.

Comment Re:How about weeding out infringing material? (Score 1) 167

it would take me all of one day at most to find over 1000 movies just with the search "full movie", each of which has a view count of 10,000+.

You own the copyright of 1000+ movies? You must be the most powerful man in Hollywood.

Google could too, but they have no interest in this.

Seriously? Google will pull that in a heartbeat if the copyright owner complained. Their system is freakin' militant. It's actually MORE aggressive than the legal DMCA process calls for, with less room for reprieve.

The problem you're having is that you're not the copyright holder, so you really have no right to ask for a video to be taken down and You Tube has no reason to listen to you.

Hell, for all you know, all those movies are on YouTube on purpose with full knowledge of the copyright holder. Prove they aren't.

Comment Re:also known for the UFO TV series (Score 1) 129

Space: 1999 had a tendency to come up with great ideas for episodes, then screw up the execution.

One of my favorites was the episode where they entered orbit around a planet whose technically-advanced occupants didn't want them to land. To prevent them from landing, they decided to give the Alpha crew "what they wanted" and terraform the moon to be like the Earth...

Of course what happens is, first the Eagles can't fly in the dust-filled atmosphere, stranding some of the crew on the surface. Even worse, once they start adding water, the moonbase begins to flood because it was build on the bottom of a crater (soon to be a lake). The Alpha crew has to contact the aliens and explain that their good intentions are going to kill the entire colony.

That was a great premise for a episode!

The problem was, they then had to add this stupid sub-plot about how the food crops the aliens sent made people crazy for no reason. That subplot took up a large portion of the runtime and basically ruined the other, much better, plot of Moonbase Alpha suddenly having to deal with the changes. I'm sure the entire point of that subplot was to give Barbara Bain her contractually-obligated number of lines of dialog.

Oh well.

Comment Re:A Mature Local Machine Product vs Immature Clou (Score 1) 346

With Google docs, it is integrated with gmail and Google Talk, which provides a complete infrastructure to accomplish the needed collaboration.

And Office comes with Lync so your point is...?

Oh yeah: most people bitching about Office have no clue what Office is or what features it offers. Cripes. Seriously man, it's ok to say, "well I guess I don't really know what Office offers". It's ok. We won't think less of you.

And to top it all, every 3 years, some jerk at Microsoft would introduce a clippy, ribbons, hair-bands, necklaces and what not.

Is that supposed to be a humorous dig at the new UI for Office being called the Ribbon? What a brilliant bon mot!

Cripes. The UI changed once in over 20 years. Once. Get over it already.

No thanks, I will stick to Google docs.

Fair enough. But if you're completely ignorant of Office, please refrain from comparisons.

Comment Re:A Mature Local Machine Product vs Immature Clou (Score 0) 346

Have you ever seen someone actually use the Word Version tracking? 95% of business, version tracking for word files is to use "Save As" Document_new.doc, Document_newer.doc, or even Document_today.doc, cluttering a shared network drive.

You work with idiots. That's not typical at all.

Comment Re:A Mature Local Machine Product vs Immature Clou (Score 0) 346

Notepad++ can't even render drop-down menus correctly. You know the menus that have been perfected since 1984? Notepad++, some-fucking-how, gets them wrong.

SublimeText is a good text editor. It costs money, but hey you have to pay money to get software that isn't written by morons who don't even know how drop-down menus are supposed to work.

Comment Re:I always thought this was a feature. (Score 1) 149

On-screen keyboards, when used on touch or pen displays, don't have a "mouseX" or "mouseY". Right? Those variables would be filled-in only for the one click event being sent to the application receiving it, presumably when generating a "nothing" event they are blank.

So I don't see how this can be used to exploit it. Or maybe there's something I'm missing.

Comment Re:Uh, nice try (Score 1) 670

Maybe it's a culture or geographical thing, but I've never worked at a company that counted sick days against PTO days. (Mostly internet companies with 500-ish employees in the Seattle area.)

The sick policy is always, "if you're sick stay home, if you're sick a lot you let's talk about it".

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 3, Interesting) 112

I'll at least say that Adobe is getting it. All of their newest versions of reader and Flash have the option to automatically update without prompting.

It claims to. I've never seen it actually successfully pull it off.

Even worse, it only seems to even *check* for updates when I reboot-- so like maybe twice a month, max.

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