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Comment Oh boy... (Score 1) 250

From their website...:
Our Mission

To bring the power of computer technology to business through the use of advanced products and technical consulting services.

To provide computer technology solutions to our clients using our proven process of identifying, simplifying and comunicating a better way to get the most from their technology investments.

Committed to: Customer service, Individual ability and creativity, professional responsibility, human touch experience.

It also looks like their logo is prior art too. It must get REALLY lonely up there in Michigan. I wonder if their customers are automakers not paying their bills. Before the SpellingNazi begins, that is a direct quote from their "Corporate Mission" page http://www.cygnus-sys.com/OurCorporateMission.

Comment so let me get this straight... (Score 1) 331

The state will increase it's IT staff (more geeks who will likely usurp their bandwidth doing what they are paid to stop :D ), to monitor the traffic of sororitys, frats and dorms. This really shows that neither the RIAA-MPAA nor the legislature knows what they are doing. It's kind of like letting the legislature vote on their own pay raises.

Now I realize that not ALL the IT staff will be anti-dmca but the possibilities make the mind wobble. Where do I send my resume?


Submission + - Germany Bans "Hacking Tools" (theregister.co.uk)

Sfing_ter writes: "This may be a bit late but German lawmakers have decided to ban "hacking tools", fta:

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/05/30/garmany_an ti-hacking_law/

"Updates to Germany's computer crime laws banning so-called 'hacking tools' have been criticised as ill-considered and counterproductive.

The revamp to the German criminal code is designed to tighten definitions, making denial of service attacks and attempts to sniff data on third-party wireless networks, for example, clearly criminal. Attacks would be punishable by a fine and up to 10 years imprisonment."

Sysadmins will be hard pressed to not break the law inadvertently. How long before our sena-tards and congre-tards in the US try something like this? Would Ted Stevens allow a pipe-wrench to be used on the tubes?

When Hacking Tools are banned only hackers will have Hacking Tools.... :)"

Linux Business

Submission + - Linux for small organizations

chris1646 writes: Currently we are a small organization that is entirely a Windows shop. Next year much of the server and desktop hardware we run will need replacing. I am looking for creative ways to introduce Linux as my desktop and server OS of choice, however a couple of our core applications run exclusively on Windows. Has anyone had any success hosting Windows applications via terminal server while using Linux as the client OS? Has anyone handled a AD to open source LDAP migration?

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