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Comment Volunteer think VSO (Score 1) 229

I do this in Cameroon 5 years ago for V.S.O aka Volunteer Service Overseas. I was there to install wireless internet access too no accessible village for school. And make formation of how to do it and how to maintain it. 1-2 month is a little bit short to really help because you have to acclimate to the population's take me this time to be confortable with the people there so if you plan to make some volunteering consider a little bit more time. VSO is a great institution

Comment Wisp experience in quebec (Score 2, Interesting) 256

Im personnally a WISP in Quebec Canada. I install in 2006 some wifi network in Cameroon. And when i return back i decide to offer the service here where is not available or where the service is really poor. I got some village that switch from dsl to me because the dsl service is terrible. I was not thinking make a lot of money on this but it's more a defy then anything. I see some wisp that share their cable modem to offer high speed. You cannot get a good result with this kind of access. Be a wisp is the hardest ISP business. You have to play with the nature of signal , temperature , obstacle and noise when you use public channel + all other problem other isp can confront. If you like trouble start WISP. But for me is perfect. I like trouble :) and is paid off by the smile of every client i connect.

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