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Comment Re:Original Firefox goals forgotten... (Score 5, Insightful) 252

I can't believe I'm making this point, but here goes...

As a web developer I actually appreciate the bloat. The average user does not have patience to look for extensions that fill in the core features that other browsers offer. Without the "bloat", those users would have likely stayed with IE, Microsoft would have no motivation to improve, and we'd likely be stuck developing for something much closer to IE6... ugh...

So for me, bloat is forgivable -- I'm just happy we're finally at a spot where web standards are taking hold. It's hard for Microsoft to embrace and extend they're losing so much ground.

Happy Birthday, Firefox =)

Comment Re:Prediction (Score 1) 230

The chorus calling for the "end to US control over the Internet" will morph into the "end of ICAAN control, because they are not subject to oversight." Withe the "solution" being the same - UN oversight.

They are not looking for more freedom - they want more control.

+1 Insightful. Alas, I have no mod points now. =/

Comment Oh noes!! (Score 1) 256

I think we're missing the point. This isn't about Google or Microsoft, or even Wave. This is about some guy trying to achieve Jesse James Garrett status by coining an even more annoying buzzword than Web 2.0. Don't let it happen!!

Why can't we just stick with "...considered harmful" and move on, Ozzie? Please??

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