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Submission + - Man arrested for offensive joke posted on Facebook (

An anonymous reader writes: Tasteless joke posted on Facebook sees man arrested in the UK under section 127 of the Communications Act for ending a public electronic communication which is 'grossly offensive'.
Matthew Wood, 20, of Eaves Lane, Chorley, UK will appear before Chorley Magistrates' Court on Monday.

Comment Mesh network + GPS + Open Street Map (Score 1) 200

Yes - and if you had a GPS then the mapping would be almost automated - say if you could use an open map such as openstreetmap then it would be a neat application of a mesh network + the data that the people on the ground are providing - to me this could be quicker than hand drawing maps.

Comment Re:Onion article (Score 1) 306

haha - I submitted the article and just read this - yeah, you're probably right on the last one of these! Probably right on my understanding of computers too!
I think that the clip is generally OK - my main outrage which prompted me to submit the article was the ignorance of the people going on the course, any my sympathy for the programmers they work with!

Submission + - Forget 6 minute abs - learn to code in one day (

whyloginwhysubscribe writes: The usually excellent BBC click programme has an article on "Why computer code is the new language to learn" — which features a company in London who offer courses on learning to code in a day. The BBC clip has an interesting interview with a marketing director who, it seems to me, is going to go back and tell his programmers to speed up because otherwise he could do it himself!'s testimonials page is particularly funny: "I really feel like I could talk credibly to a coder, given we can now actually speak the same language."

Comment My favourite "not real" crossword clues (Score 5, Funny) 70

If I see someone doing a crossword I usually say "I was stuck on a crossword the other day - the clue was 'very busy postman'". Eventually (sometimes it takes a while) they ask "how many letters" at which point you can say "hundreds!"

I'm such a funny guy...

Oh - another one is to say "seven up is lemonade"...

Comment Re:Serious? (Score 4, Interesting) 177

It is funny that their take-down notice is copyrighted itself too. They should take-down the zdnet article for re-printing a screenshot of it, and then replace it with the actual page that the screen shot is of.

It is worth following JackOfKent on twitter for his insight into this. He noted that the take-down notice could actually be a contempt of court.

Submission + - Microsoft releases Kinect for Windows (

nk497 writes: "Microsoft has released Kinect for Windows, featuring a new "near mode" that lets the gesture control tech be used as close as 40cm. The Kinect for Windows hardware will retail at $249 — well above the price of the version for Xbox 360 consoles. Microsoft defended the price difference, saying sales of games and Xbox Live subscriptions help subsidise the console version. The new version will support Windows 7 and the Windows 8 developer preview, as well as Windows Embedded 7 devices."

Submission + - New BBC Sports Website uses "Semantic Web Technolo (

whyloginwhysubscribe writes: A technical blog post describes how the BBC have rolled out the latest changes to it's sports website in anticipation of the Summer Olympics in London.

The innovative content management system extends the already available dynamic semantic publishing, which enables their journalists "to spend more time creating great content and less time managing that content".

The blog post covers some of the technical and lots of the HCI / UI design decisions and is accompanied by a non-technical overview of the re-design.


Submission + - Ubuntu Developer Week Now On

chrb writes: The Ubuntu Developer Week is now on. The Developer Week takes the form of IRC-based presentations and question/answer sessions with Ubuntu development teams and other experts who will explain, teach, entertain and answer your questions on a multitude of topics surrounding Ubuntu development. The aim is to educate anyone who is interested in Ubuntu development, and to help existing developers learn new skills.

Comment Laser etched / engraved (Score 2) 399

I just saw this on reddit this morning:
For the ceremony, how about naming the tables after something geeky instead of numbers, or maybe even prime numbers...
I like the qr code idea too - perhaps a personalised qr code which goes to a pre-filled acceptance form?

Comment Re:Tablets are better for Linux than Desktop (Score 1) 237

Hmm - not sure about this. I actually love Linux on the PC for the fact that you don't usually have to worry about drivers - you can get a basic setup running very easily. However - when you want something like hibernation or high-resolution graphics then things start to get a bit more awkward - but for a basic internet browsing machine it is very easy to put Linux on a box and get it up and running. But for a tablet, you have more issues such as battery life etc which I don't see the open software being able to beat the top brands on the market (the ipad). Plus, whilst you're right about people saying "it doesn't run excel" people will be saying "it doesn't run i-tunes" - so I think that Linux on the tablet will be a very similar experience to non-techys as on the Desktop. However, what Android and Ubuntu are trying to do is remove the word "Linux" from the brands - which I can see is a smart commercial move. Almost everyone has some sort of Linux device in their house, probably embedded into their router or something - but they don't realise it - this is good for take-up but not so good for the basic principles of free-software...

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