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Comment Re:Some scary stuff therw (Score 3, Insightful) 24

Does this mean that Rogers/Bell can start pushing agents/SW on their subscribers computers which in turn allow them to control your access?

It may read that way, but I don't think that's the intent. I think it's meant to allow Bell and Rogers to remotely update the firmware on their modems and routers. My mother uses Bell, but she runs Linux so Bell would have a fairly difficult time installing anything on her computer anyway. (To monitor her, they wouldn't need to... they could just install something on the router they provided.)

Comment Re:Oh boy. (Score 1) 527

His whole perception of "good and evil" with regards to software IP (Oops! He doesn't use that term!) is black and white thinking and doesn't lend itself to progress.

Well, OK. "Evil" is a strong term, but I can certainly agree with RMS's stance reworded as "Good and Bad".

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 4, Informative) 527

The United States doesn't yet demand my fingerprints because---lucky me---I'm Canadian.

But it does demand fingerprints of most visitors. Someone needs to file a Freedom of Information request to find out how many crimes or attacks this policy has prevented per dollar of implementation cost. Then compare that to the US deficit and use some common sense.

Comment Re:Coming from a PERL guy (Score 1) 453

Well, yeah, you can write obfuscated Perl (although what you wrote isn't even Perl... it's just a bunch of syntax errors.)

You can also write obfuscated C. And you can also write maintainable large systems in Perl and C. In fact, I think comparing Perl with JS is unfair; Perl is far easier to use for maintainable, large projects than Javascript is.

Comment Re:Nice! Wonder if the illegal settlements get it (Score 1) 157

That is a false dichotomy used to perpetuate the status quo.

Easy to say if you live in the US or Canada. Not so easy if you live in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

it is no reason for the israeli government to continue with provocative policies like building new settlements.

I happen to agree. The Israeli government is astoundingly stupid and is compounding Israel's bad PR and international ill-will. Nevertheless, it's one thing to stop building settlements and quite another to withdraw from the West Bank or to expect peace from the Palestinians.

Comment Re:Nice! Wonder if the illegal settlements get it (Score 2) 157

I am arguing for Israel to be treated by the international community (wrt to annexation of territory) exactly the way other countries such as Russia, China and Turkey are treated.

Or if you like, treat those countries the way Israel is treated. But at least have some fairness and consistency.

Comment Re:Nice! Wonder if the illegal settlements get it (Score 3, Insightful) 157

If you want your country to be safe and secure, don't make enemies of everybody in the world.

What's the alternative? If Israel evacuated the West Bank today, it would have rockets landing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem tomorrow.

There is no solution to the problem. The best Israel can do is keep a lid on the violence and make sure it only proceeds at a low-level. Eventually, it may find a real peace partner in the Palestinians. But I'm not optimistic. Even the "moderate" Palestinians say very different things in Arabic to their own constituency compared to what they say in English for the international community.

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