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Comment Re:how about (Score 1) 396

I agree! Windows 7 built on what XP offered me and perfected it. I waiting until this year to go XP -> 7. I'm sure the Start Orb/Menu will be back in Windows 9 anyway. Touch screens are wonderful for tablets, but horrible for desktops - my monitors are 2+ feet away, my shoulders will get tired reaching for those silly tiles. Also, using a touch interface on a non-touch device is maddening, anyone who has used a recent BlackBerry OS on a non-touch BlackBerry can attest to that :-)

Also, my touch screen iPhone is always dirty, trying to read the text in Order & Chaos Online through the smudges can be really hard...does anyone even want that on their desktop monitor?? I get annoyed when the guy who works for me comes into my office to show me something and puts his nasty, dirty paws on my screen... I don't need an OS to encourage this behavior.

Comment Re:Personally? (Score 1) 241

I used to think they could pry XP Pro from my cold dead fingers, now it will be 7 Pro that I want to keep for the next 10 years. We are running 8 on some test machines in our Enterprise test lab and Yikes, not a good business/productivity environment!! (we are finding users lose track of what they are doing when the switch applications, and no Start Menu?) I will be holding onto my Dell 7 Pro install media for a long time.

Comment Re: iGoogle will be missed... maybe (Score 2) 329

I'm in the same boat here. and are my two main homepages when I launch Chrome. I use their bookmarks features quite often. Last year Yahoo! messed with the bookmarks on and tried to force everyone to use the Yahoo Toolbar to manage them. I nearly left Yahoo, but eventually they gave into their user requests and allowed them to be managed from again.

Comment Re:let me go home and cry some more (Score 2) 255

This is exactly what my son does as well. Used games are king. I feel bad for the future though because everything is becoming more and more "App Based". Download to the DSi once and you can't resell it. Or iPod/iTunes game-play based. Of course, the games are cheaper, so it could be a wash even without the resale value.

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