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Comment Re:let me go home and cry some more (Score 2) 255

This is exactly what my son does as well. Used games are king. I feel bad for the future though because everything is becoming more and more "App Based". Download to the DSi once and you can't resell it. Or iPod/iTunes game-play based. Of course, the games are cheaper, so it could be a wash even without the resale value.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 1) 698

Wow, so the population of the US is on the downturn next year? I wonder if that is going to lead to long-term housing price drops. An abundance of used cars on the market, shortage of adult diapers and generic drugs at the Rx.

Comment Re:Shortage of engineering jobs, (Score 4, Interesting) 580

But expand it to everything you use, or even just all your electronics. Cars, trains, planes, your TV, the computer you're using now, your washing machine and dishwasher. The stuff that harvests your food and gets it to you. The elevator, your cellphone... etc. I don't have 300 million dollars to live like I do now, and we're not talking about foregoing one toy. It gets complicated quickly.

If your entire lifestyle is subsidized by borderline slave labor elsewhere, is it moral to continue living it?

And, really, is it? I dare say Americans were living pretty well in the middle of the century, without relying on cheap overseas labor.

I wish I had mod points to mod you up. I have been to China (early 2002), to one of the factories that manufactured the pop-up tents that I designed as a U.S. based mechanical drafter. I was explaining to the supervisor that the welded joints were not always strong enough and some were breaking very easily. He called one of the welders over and was telling him what to do to fix it. This welder had no shoes and no welding helmet. He had a piece of cardboard with a pin-hole in it mounted to his welding gun to block the dangerous glare. He could not make actual eye-contact with me. His eyes had the look of someone who had burned out the center of their field of view. Ever since that trip, I have had a hard time thinking that the USA is making a wise decision to live on the backs of others. I complained to my boss about these conditions and he said that this worker was making more money in a year of welding than he would have been able to make working his whole life elsewhere in native China. Is it moral for us to take advantage of this?

Comment CCP should sell EVE (Score 1) 315

They are essentially using EVE to fund their other projects. I have unchecked "load station environment" and will not participate in the $68 "micro" transactions. I came to space to fly my Internet Spaceship, show off my epeen and blow shit up. Not ambulate my fat ass off and wear fancy clothes. I am a POD pilot in EVE. I do not plan on ever leaving my pod.

Comment Royale With Cheese (Score 3, Informative) 362

Jules: Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger. Vincent, ever have a Big Kahuna Burger?
[Vincent shakes his head]
Jules: Wanna bite? They're real tasty.
Vincent: Ain't hungry.
Jules: Well, if you like burgers give 'em a try sometime. I can't usually get 'em myself because my girlfriend's a vegitarian which pretty much makes me a vegitarian. But I do love the taste of a good burger. Mm-mm-mm. You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?
Brett: No.
Jules: Tell 'em, Vincent.
Vincent: A Royale with cheese.
Jules: A Royale with cheese! You know why they call it that?
Brett: Because of the metric system?
Jules: Check out the big brain on Brett! You're a smart motherf*cker.

Comment Re:"Sport" mode (Score 1) 417

My first car was a silver, 4 door-sedan, 5-speed stick, Mazda GLC. With all of the smog controls on cars in the 1980's it seemed like it didn't even have 87 HP. I bought it at 180,000 miles and sold it to a friend when it hit 225,000 miles. That thing was a tank! I think I even put some Slick 50 in it at one point. I liked the timing chain vs belt idea. However the head gasket blew once and my friend and I had to replace it in our apartment complex parking lot. That was a lot of work. Dam I enjoyed that car though! Now I have a couple Honda's that are 2008 and 2011 models (Pilot and Accord respectively). They're ultra reliable and have plenty of power, but seem pretty boring compared to the cars of the 80’s :-)

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