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Comment Re:Well the only fool proof way... (Score 1) 491

The problem is that the skriptkiddie virus kits all get written by a few smart folks, who pass around techniques like patching netstat (or the network stack). So it's not that the botnet author worries about this, it's that it's a known technique so all the rootkits just implement it as a matter of course. Hang around the cracker groups a while and your eyes will be opened.

Comment Re:Yes there is (Score 1) 55

  • there are hardly any Palm OS users left anymore, they all left for iPhone or WM
  • Palm squandered their market leadership and consumer confidence years ago
  • Pre is a completely new untested OS
  • the market is already crowded
  • Apple owns the "Custom-designed" smartphone market, WM6 and Google will own the "Commodity hardware" smartphone market, what's left for Pre?
  • Pre's claim to fame is integrated calendaring, which is just an app on the other phones -- should not be an OS feature.

Comment Re:Yes there is (Score 1) 55

I agree with you, and as a would-be Android dev and ADP owner I want them to succeed too. They had to do something, knowing it would be broken. They could have done a little bit more than install into a private dir. But it wouldn't have taken any longer than it has to break it, and the results would be pretty identical from a user's perspective. I think the Pre is DOA though

Comment Re:Bullshit spin, keeps many producers out of mark (Score 2, Informative) 55

From a technical perspective this comes about from the app DRM just being about protected folders which developers can access, Google needs a more solid solution.

There is no more solid solution. ADP phones got root, and the OS is fully open source (no HDMI-like "protected path").

End of story.

Comment Re:Using an iPhone makes you look pretty lame? (Score 2, Interesting) 884

What about folded optics? Minolta had a camera like this with a 45 degree mirror behind the lens and the sensor down one side a few years ago. Gives longer focal length in a slim body. Don't know if any of the camphone companies are doing this though, there's probably not enough empty space in the case.


Submission + - Easy to get multi use stem cells found

amigoro writes: "Scientists announced to the discovered a new and readily available source of stems cells and have used them to create muscle, bone, fat, blood vessel, nerve and liver cells in the laboratory.

The isolation of broad potential stem cells from the amniotic fluid that surrounds developing embryos was published today in Nature Biotechnology.

The potential to generate a broad range of mature cell types is why many scientists believe stem cells have promise to replace damaged cells and tissue in conditions such as spinal cord injuries, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and stroke."

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