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Comment Re:It'd better happen quick then (Score 1) 311

What you really want is failure rate within first N years of operation, which you can't calculate from the MTBF figures.

Actually MTBF is defined as failure rate in the "constant failure rate" stage of a components lifetime, which is between the initial failure rate (aka infant mortality) and wear-out failure stage. So it's actually the failure rate over the regular lifetime of the component (typically 1-5 years).

Comment Re:It'd better happen quick then (Score 5, Insightful) 311

MTBF is not the failure rate of a single disk, it's the average failure rate of disks used in an array. If you have a type of disk with a 100,000 hour MTBF, and use 100 of them (whether in a raid array, a cluster, or 100 individual desktops in a company). Then you will (roughly) replace one disk due to failure for every 1000 hours (100,000 MTBF / 100 disks), or 40 days.

It doesn't try to pretend that a single disk lasts 100,000 hours. That's stupid.

Comment Re:odd power savings (Score 1) 219

Dropping the +-5V DC and running with only the +12V DC would greatly simplify power supplies.

But would actually increase power use, because most circuits run on 5V or 3.3V, and the 12V would have to be dividered down (much less efficient for small power users than getting the PSU to do it. For a big power draw like a GPU I think it's better to drop the voltage actually at the GPU). Most laptops drop the 12V line, the batteries tend to be wired to provide 6V or so at max charge (dropping down to 5V at minimum charge).
I suspect the rise of 3.3V chips is why SATA power cables have an additional 3.3V line compared to the old molex power cables.

Comment Re:My Impatience (Score 1) 259

And your download rate gets almost completely destroyed as a result. Other peers/leachers try to find the peers/seeds they can get the highest download rate from, so will disconnect from you if you don't send them anything. Leaving you with any seeds there might be, which are usually overloaded.

Still, I said almost always.

Comment Re:My Impatience (Score 1) 259

Torrenting almost always involves distributing pieces to a lot of other bit-torrent users. Each constitutes a copyright infringement, because you don't have distribution rights (aka copyright).

Even if you buy or own the thing you are bit-torrenting, it's still very much illegal if you don't own the copyright to that thing.

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