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Comment Re:food (Score 2, Funny) 641

I agree. Free them all. There's no reason for an advanced, "civilized" human society to treat living, sentient* creatures as products to consume.

I belong to redneck PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.

Now stop trolling me, son, before I make you explain exactly what "sentience" is and how it can be proven.

Excuse me, a cheeseburger awaits.

Comment Re:Jerry Was A Man (Score 2) 641

Heinlein invisaged chimpanzees genetically enhanced to be more intelligent and more like humans.

Yes, I'll give you that. But remember that Heinlein was probably a racist, the story was written in 1947.

Of all these things, probably the most important is that they don't think like humans. At all. Chimpanzees do not understand non-verbal communications even as much as dogs do. They're just not people.

Well, I don't know about chimps, but dogs and cats are people. Folks consider their animals family (and mine have helped me through hard times).

They're still my property.

Comment Re:You may think it troll, flame bait, etc, but... (Score 0) 641

That "troll" moderation was completely uncalled for. Someone with mod points, please rectify it. It was a valid point -- if this abomination actually gets through the courts (and I'll flap my arms and fly to the moon if it happens), will animals have reproductive rights?

The whole thing is silly. Monty Python silly.

Comment Re:Oh yes, such a good idea.. (Score 1) 174

This is what I was thinking: people are panicking over nasty-shit-at-sea. How is disposal actually handled, what are the actual environmental impacts, etc? Imagine dumping barrels of Vitamin A into the ocean: people wouldn't bat an eye; but that shit is toxic as living hell and would cause a localized ecological disaster, possibly mass extinction. Nuclear reactor water? A thousand gallons isn't going to hurt anything; but people are panicking about how if Fukushima leaks a few liters into the ocean it will destroy all life on the planet.

Comment Don't get to cocky about your options ... (Score 5, Interesting) 139

I'm sure its nothing that a can of spray-paint and some bubble-gum can't deal with.

Don't get to cocky about your options in an orwellian/cyberpunk future.

The corps in turn are sure your spray-paint and bubble-gum tactic is nothing 99.999% reliability facial-recognition + cell-phone tracking + behavioural-and-movement-pattern-recognition + god-knows-what can't deal with by tracking you down, sueing you into next wednesday, locking your creditcards/bankaccounts for that specific mall (all all others connected to the same megacorp and data-exchange conglumerate), putting you on a special surveillance & potential terrorist threat list, ban you from accessing gated communities of type X,Y and Z until further notice and upping your rent for being a threat to society all for spraying and gumming up their new survelliance & minion control bot toy.

Just saying.

Comment Re:Go away, you're not 21 (Score 1) 246

A lot of U.S. states have 21-to-enter laws for venues that serve alcohol but do not qualify as restaurants and require the bouncer to check IDs at the door. How should an effort to change these laws be organized? Or should high school seniors who are music fans consider whether a state has a 21-to-enter law when choosing which out-of-state university to attend?

Comment Mining pools (Score 1) 194

From what I know, miners only get a fee from the blocks that THEY mined. Not from other miners' blocks.

When a miner in a mining pool scores a block, the pool's owner earns the minted coins and transaction fees and then pays 98 percent of that to the miners in the pool proportional to the number of hashes that each miner contributed to a block.

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