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Comment Re:Keyboarding (Score 2) 236

Who doesn't already know how to type these days? Every kid has a smartphone with texting.

Even children of the working poor?

What's left to teach in Keyboarding? How to type with fingers instead of thumbs?

Yes. Where the number keys and the punctuation keys are on big boy keyboards. How to exceed 60 wpm by touch typing. How to WASD around a model of the school building shooting paintballs at your intramural opponents.

Comment Overages (Score 1) 236

One of the benefits of a CS class is the flipped model that allows most, if not all, of the work to be completed in class.

Watching video lessons at home would fix the "all we have is an iPad/Xbox" problems so long as the video lessons are compatible with Safari for iOS and IE for Xbox 360. But it still leaves the problem of needing to buy a computer or device in the first place and subscribe to wired broadband at home, as watching too many videos on a smartphone over 3G/4G will cause the parent to have to pay the carrier when the student incurs a data overage.

Comment After-school bus problem (Score 2) 236

Probably use a computer at school

With the sorry state of student transit in some cities, it might be hard for a student who stays after school to complete his assignments to get home from school. Is Chicago any better?

or a library.

Provided that the other students haven't already reserved all the PCs at the library.

Comment No smooth scrolling on IIGS (Score 1) 179

The Commodore 64 had hardware pixel-level smooth scrolling and hardware sprites, putting it close to the 8-bit consoles (Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System) in capability. The Apple IIGS had better color depth but no ability to scroll the screen, so games had to either flip screens or scroll jerkily, like ColecoVision and Spectrum and MSX games.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 293

If that publisher sees incentive (i.e. money) or disincentive (i.e. loss of money), they'll play ball.

Unfortunately, the software publishers with market power in several industries have not yet seen such incentive.

I can all but guarantee that if a government body or a sufficiently large corporation say "we love this, but need it to work on that", you'll see motion in that direction.

That doesn't help if the employer whose IT policy you're responsible for building happens not to be "a government body or a sufficiently large corporation".

Comment Customize Windows Defender or run a DNS proxy (Score 1) 293

The first result from Google windows 8 hosts file explains that Windows Defender in Windows 8 reverts certain additions to the hosts file to fight phishing malware that hijacks well-known web sites. But if you know what you're doing, you can exclude C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts from Windows Defender. Another, possibly more flexible way is to run a DNS proxy on localhost that interprets a separate hosts file.

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