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Comment Re:if you can access it on a website (Score 1) 107

How would your HMAC-like method of combining the site name with your private key work around error messages like these?
  • Your password doesn't have an uppercase character.
  • Your password doesn't have a punctuation mark.
  • Your password contains a forbidden punctuation mark.
  • Your password is too long.
  • Your password has expired; please change it.
  • Your password matches a password that you have previously used on this site.
  • Your laptop/tablet is not allowed on our network. Instead, use our [possibly keylogged] Internet terminal.

Comment Keylogger to implement enhanced wiretaps (Score 1) 107

I think the idea is that a keylogger is already installed on your phone when you buy it. Because the free parts of Android's userspace are Apache licensed, not copylefted, the carrier isn't obligated to provide complete corresponding source code along with the phone to ensure that your handset doesn't already have covert snooping software to comply with CALEA and its sequels.

Comment Cure vs. life support (Score 2) 175

if researchers find a way to transform cancer from near-death sentence into a condition that people and their doctors can manage for decades, much as they do many other medical conditions today, then that's close enough to a "cure" as any of us could reasonably hope for. Or is that too difficult a concept for the average person on this myopia-infested site to handle?

The difference is that a treatment with ongoing costs is more like life support than like a cure. Insulin is not a "cure" for diabetes mellitus caused by pancreatic failure (type I). Nor is metformin a "cure" for diabetes mellitus caused by insulin resistance (type II). But I still agree with you that an upgrade from a horrible disease to a condition managed through life support is worthwhile.

Comment Re:iPad (Score 2) 370

Congratulations on your statistics-defying eyesight

Age-related presbyopia is easily remedied with cheap reading glasses. If you're also nearsighted and don't wear contacts you can just take your glasses off to read. If he had cataract surgery and the surgeon used a CrystaLens (more expensive than a standard IOL) he can probably see better than a kid.

Comment Crash safety standards and CAFE (Score 1) 466

when did cars in the US start getting so much bigger than in other places?

Around the time crash safety standards rose, if rally2xs is to be believed. Or when CAFE was instituted and automakers found they could comply by reclassifying their station wagons (called "estate cars" in some markets) as light trucks, creating the minivan and SUV.

Comment According to the mode of Beleriand (Score 1) 163

you can tell the entire text lacks vowel diacritics

So did the writing reform that came out of Beleriand, where vowels were promoted from tehtar (points) to full letters. Remember Durin's gate on the west side of Moria, noted for the weak default password that Narvi set and Celebrimbor leaked? The inscription on that was written with vowels as letters.

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