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Comment How an SSD could speed up 3D rendering (Score 4, Interesting) 77

I agree with most of your examples, but I can think of a situation where an SSD might help with faster 3D rendering. The soft-real-time 3D renderer in a video game is often bottlenecked by the speed of loading textures into RAM. If you've ever seen the blurfest that is the start of an Unreal Engine 3 level before the textures pop into focus, you know what I'm talking about. There's a reason that PC games load faster when installed to SSD.

Comment Darmok and Jihad at Viagra (Score 2) 226

Because you quoted a character name, I could Google that it came from Blade Runner. But a lot of these allusions change a line's nouns, pronouns, and verb tense to fit the context, making it harder to search by exact phrase to figure out what people are talking about when they speak this Tamarian language of movie quotes. So yes, I'm for real. I'm trying to figure out what specific films, video games, webcomics, etc. I'd need to catch up on to keep a geek card current.

Comment Recurring fee (Score 2) 240

I've never had a backup issue because there are apps for that

Some existing "apps for that" require root to backup or restore because they try to back up private data that belongs to another application.

and everything is in the cloud anyway

If you have more than a couple GB of data to back up, cloud backup becomes an expensive recurring fee compared to backing up to local physical media.

Comment You said hosts file. Are you trying to summon him? (Score 1) 240

The first thing I noticed when upgrading to 4.3 was that my ad-blocker that works by altering the hosts file no longer works.

So Google is blocking one sort of APK, namely use of the hosts file as a crude DNS blacklist. Does this means we're soon going to lose another sort of APK, namely loading applications from unknown sources? Or am I clanging again?

Comment Wi-Fi-only devices (Score 4, Insightful) 240

So the only people who will need it will be the carriers and NSA.

Wi-Fi carriers such as cable and DSL ISPs typically don't provide a subsidized tablet. Nor do cellular carriers outside North America and maybe Japan. So what do "carriers" necessarily have to do with rooting, especially with rooting a Wi-Fi-only device?

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