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Comment DVD for areas without cable or DSL (Score 3, Informative) 176

Digital Versatile Disc is a cost-efficient medium for moving 4 to 8 GB packets of data in and out of geographic areas not served by a wired broadband provider. Cellular ISPs in the United States charge on the order of $10 per GB for microwave data transmission; satellite ISPs aren't much cheaper.

Comment What sort of creating? (Score 1) 393

What sort of "creating" are K-12 students expected to do within the scope of their K-12 education that is impossible with applications running on an iPad with Bluetooth keyboard? Even high school programming can be taught on an iPad with Bluetooth keyboard thanks to various policy reversals on Apple's part that allowed Codea and Python for iOS to reach the App Store.

Comment Re:Copyleft is a virus because it's a vaccine (Score 2) 63

The [L]GPL keeps the software FLOSS, but actually removes freedoms from the user/developer.

Copyleft makes sure that users retain freedoms, including the freedom to hire developers to make the software do what the user wants.

Something like the ISC/MIT grant the user more freedom, including the freedom to make the software non-free.

Perhaps the difference is that in the FSF philosophy, the "freedom" to take freedoms away from users isn't a freedom to begin with.

Comment Misbehavior in multiple articles (Score 1) 55

anyways why would i bother going through a drawn out diplomatic process to add 7 words to an article?

Consider that these misbehaving editors are likely misbehaving just as much on other articles. If "going through a drawn out diplomatic process" stops these editors from camping articles, they'll stop camping not only the article that you're editing but also other articles that they had been camping. Then edits to the other articles that these editors had been camping will be more likely to go through.

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