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Comment Re:C/C++ faster but produces more bugs (Score 1) 670

A good point. While it doesn't apply to every problem, scope-level memory management is much more reliable and high-performing than dynamic allocation. In some (very few: unbalanced binary trees, etc) situations it would be silly to use anything but dynamic allocation, but in most cases static is the best for performance and reliability by a long shot.

Comment Re:Yes but... (Score 1) 128

Likewise, people who see that Amazon can easily weather a moderately aggressive DDoS like that juvenile tantrum thrown by Anonymous now have that much more of a reason to trust Amazon while buying goods or considering where to host cloud-ish stuff.

Juvenile tantrum? They took down Paypal, Mastercard, and Visa. That's not a juvenile tantrum, that is "hulk smash".

Comment Re:Very easy explanation (Score 2) 383

Taking down visa.com did two important things, in my opinion:

1. It sent the message "We saw what you did."
2. It drew massive attention in the media. NPR (National Public Radio) had covered the wikileaks situation only sparsely before, but I've heard about it at least a few times a day now.

Comment Imagine the rootkits... (Score 1) 103

If you were able to use the GPU to brute-force a password hash or similar authentication token for the system, you could install a rootkit on the card's option ROM.

1.It'd get to run with ring 0 access on each boot before the OS has a chance to do anything.
2. On EFI systems it'd have access to a TCP stack, full FAT and NTFS filesystem access, all included in the EDK. So it could update itself on the fly each boot.

The video card makes a great trojan horse to house your malware.

Comment Points for style (Score 1) 413

If I'm ever a rich guy I'm going to make a point of dying in some eccentric fashion. I mean think about it - the mental picture of a rich dude driving a segway off a cliff into a river is just epic.

I'm not trying to make light of the fact that this man's life ended, just giving tribute and appreciation to the manner in which it ended. Better than choking on a ham sandwich.

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