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Comment EReader and textbooks (Score 1) 348

Something that was pointed out to me by my wife who's in Educational publishing... the one technical thing that's kept textbooks off of ereaders like the kindle and nook is the lack of color - textbooks need to have a full depth of color for the illustrations. The admission by McGraw-Hill seems to point in this direction.. Now the publishers want to keep dead trees in circulation for monetary reasons aside, I wonder how this'll catch on - I have an ereader, and the eink is fantastic for reading.. a OLED or LCD panel is just going to make it VERY hard to spend hours buried in the book for studying, I would think.

Comment Removal from front lines.. (Score 3, Insightful) 541

Those of us that work in IT, and never got to the hospitals proper (my guys work in an office building away from the hospital and patient care areas), arer still required to take the seasonal flu. H1N1, is actually not required as of yet (there are several nurses unions fighting it). The reason we are required, is that in no way can you predict who will be in contact with patients.. for example half of my guys never leave the building.. several (including me) have to have meetings sometimes on the hospital campus... if I get exposed, then I, in turn expose my guys... Bottom line - I hate the flu shot... never took it until this year when it was made mandatory, and frankly the only reason I did that is I like my job. Tose in Healthcare that do not want to take the vac, are free to leave, and I think they should...

Comment How are they going to pull this off? (Score 1) 261

"Data will include the number of people who saw the spot and when it was viewed. " If I Tivo something and never watch it, will that count as being viewed? If I am watching something live, will that count? How about when the TV is off, but the Tivo is recording? How will they know if I am actually sitting in front of it? What about the second Tivo that I have that isn't even hooked up to a TV, just used to catch the oddball programs that conflict (pre DT Tivo)? Seems like this is another case of the data being able to support any story you want to tell...

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