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Comment Re:Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (Score 5, Insightful) 284

The public, us, is fed so much disinformation that most of us don't know which way is up anymore. In the meantime, concentrated interests are pushing through the same agenda no matter whether the administration is Republican or Democrat... and what was once a middle class is slowly being pushed into extinction via economic pressures perpetrated by banksters and absent fed regulatory agencies, the highest incarceration levels among free and industrialized countries, a constant slashing of education, and to keep us frog from jumping out of the boiling pot... endless entertainment online or through the media (news and other junk). But no worries folks, as Egypt demonstrates, people can go hungry for only so long before they start to fight back, so there is hope on the horizon ;-)

Comment Re:Fuck ACTA (Score 2, Insightful) 155

It's sad to see the result that is this country after so many have fought for what is truly a dream and nothing else. I'm a foreigner having lived in the US for almost my entire life, and seeing the unfortunate direction on so many different levels that this country is speeding towards has me looking elsewhere for relief, meaning moving out of the US. I hope that people one day wake up and take action to correct the country's course, but it doesn't seem to be likely. All empires come to an end.

Submission + - SMS to email or IM (

freakinangry writes: "I've recently started working for my city's public library and they are looking to offer reference services to the community over SMS. They would prefer not to have the SMS messages come in directly to a dedicated mobile phone since there will be several reference librarians available per shift, and this would be cumbersome. A dedicated phone number would be ideal that would then forward the SMS to either an email address or IM account. We've discussed using the various solutions where a short code is used followed by a keyword that identifies us as the recipient, but again too cumbersome. The only commercial solution that I could identify is's TextMe product. Is anyone aware of any other solutions, either turn-key or homegrown?"

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