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Comment Genetic Diversity (Score 1) 758

The problem with genetic engineering crop is no different than the problem of the cheetah. You take away from a species it ability to environmentally adjust (minimize its genetic diversity) to climate change, disease and pathogens, and other forces of nature, you potentially destroy the species. Fundamentally we are playing at a level we don't understand. Whether we are endangering our health or our planets, it is just too early to tell, and as a result we need to be wary and cautious.

Comment Genetic diversity (Score 1) 637

His argument reeks nostalgic, i.e. a return to the Greek philosophical ways. And I would guess he started off with a vague hypothesis and found facts to support his claim. Some arguments say agriculture and plentiful food allowed brains to get larger... go figure. Whatever the conclusion, I do think that mutations have allowed for a greater genetic diversity of brain types, and that is a good thing.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 421

And guess what, no VC is going to give you money. They are more eager in fly-by-night operations that can sell hype over product -- I mean which is easier and less risky? I feel your pain, as I'm also a startup with large capital costs. Your best strategy is to find someone higher up on the vertical chain that is your customer investor.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 1) 421

AC has more wisdom in his tiny little pinky fingernail than you BS have gained in your meager lifetime of experience. If we limit to just VC's, remarkably VC's have done no better than the stock market since they proliferated and mushroomed in the early '90s. VC's feed the hopes of the greedy few investors, for hope and greed spring eternal and have nothing to do with providing value to society. And to think they want exit in 2 years after seeding a company after taking over more than 75% of its equity. What worthwhile venture in real-world do you think provides value in that manner?

Comment Re:Of course you don't. (Score 1) 651

Exactly. Our values are screwed up. Why do all the hard work (that frankly only some have the intellectual capacity to do), get made fun of, get taken advantage of, get a paltry salary when you could do nothing for the GDP and make millions of dollars. I mean come on Obama, you wanna screw up the engineers more? We have plenty of engineers. They are just not valued.

Submission + - Obama: "We don't have enough engineers' (

dcblogs writes: President Obama wants to boost engineering graduation rates by 10,000 a year. In 2009, the U.S. produced 126,194 engineering graduates for bachelor's and master's degrees and for Ph.D.s. The U.S. had just over 1.9 million engineers in 2010. The unemployment rate in 2010 for all engineers was 4.5%. "We've made incredible progress on education, helping students to finance their college educations, but we still don't have enough engineers," said Obama. He's counting on the private sector to help expand the number of graduates.

Comment Re:We only use data that support our hypothesis (Score 1) 823

ABSOLUTELY CORRECT -- too bad Anonymous Coward did not reveal him/herself. Pure genius and tremendous insight. Before you start using your bias (e.g. global warming is a myth) to make a sound judgment, understand sensors and their limitations. I have sold "bad" $400 sensors to auto crash testers who want consistent performance, rather than improved performance (at much lower cost) where they cannot tell subtle differences in data collected year from year.

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