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Comment You deserve what now?? (Score 0) 1065

The wife and kids (if any) did not create wealth. They deserve money, but so do we. Otherwise, we pay their taxes for them. The government has to get money from somewhere.

Do you live on a commune? How in the world do you deserve someone else's money? Unless you performed some deed for them that requires monetary compensation, they owe you NOTHING. Their money is theirs and its redistribution is their decision.

As for the government needing this money, do you seriously think that someone worth 1000 times the average net worth uses 1000 times more government services? Uses roads and bridges 1000 times more than a regular driver? Creates hospital bills for the government that are 1000 times larger? This whole notion of "fair share" conveniently forgets that an individual can only use a finite amount of resources the government provides, and asking that individual to pay more than the maximum worth of those resources is plain greed.

Comment Browsing without tracking (Score 2) 80

From what I've read, the browser doesn't display pages pre-rendered by Indigo/Chapters. It will be slower to show pages than the Kindle Fire, but this is a HUGE plus to anyone who doesn't wish to be tracked by the people who sold them the tablet. Given that both units are $200, the choice just got a lot easier to make.

Comment Still doing it wrong. (Score 1) 344

I think the GP's point still applies: if you're spending that much time in your car every day and it's not your job, you're doing it wrong. I have a 15 minute commute each way and would move if it ever went over 30 minutes. There are better things to do with your time than having your butt heated while listening to traffic reports for an hour.

If you commute for 10 hours a week, you're looking at 500 hours in a year, assuming a 2 week vacation. That's over twelve 40-hour weeks of commuting. You could spend that time at work earning extra money, or spend it on hobbies or sports, or with your loved ones. I don't know anyone who would pick sitting in a car, no matter how comfortable, over at least one of those options.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 828

Too bad the civil rights movement and the end of DADT have nothing in common. When blacks were allowed to integrate, they went into places where they weren't allowed previously. With DADT, there are already gays in the military - there is no integration involved. The only thing that changes now is that they're allowed to be open about it.

Comment Re:If you value democracy... (Score 1) 1060

the backlash from the WL episode will be a push for laws and technology to control communications at the direct expense of democratic ideals which require free speech

And you can thank that fucking tool Julian Assange for it. He's like a kid that found a $100 bill - he knows he has something very valuable but has no clue of how to use it.

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