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Comment Re:Boo Whoo! (Score 2) 212

"The first tablets ran windows 95, and were powered by pentiums."

Absolutely wrong.

the FIRST tablets ran Windows 3.11 for pen computing and were powered by 386 processors. I had one, Dauphin DTR-1 the very FIRST tablet ever made. I then had others that ran on 486 and on up. Win95+ pentium was well into the 3rd generation of tablets.

Comment Re:Fabada in a spaceship... (Score 2) 142

If you want to see something fun, Have someone eat RAW kidney beans or kidney beans not boiled but slowly soaked and cooked under very low heat.

They will turn into a Puke and poo sprinkler as it violently comes out pretty much every hole all at once. Most beans require cooking above a certain temperature and time to make them safe to eat.

Comment And not really useful.... (Score 1) 142

Honestly the cost of every ounce of weight to get it to mars and they had meat? Why? Protien powders and mash are a far better idea. The fact that Sausage, even when heavily cured does NOT have a very good shelf life is suspect. 4 month mission to mars, the FOOD needs to be packaged and ready 3 months before launch. so ALL The food in order to meat mission specification really need to be able to withstand a 12-18 month shelf life in case of a launch delay.

This "study" is bogus as hell if they had frozen veggies and meat. Wasting precious weight for food refrigeration is insane. Mars mission will have advanced MRE's that require nothing but hot water that have a wider range of flavors and significantly boosted nutrition. I can not believe that NASA had anything at all to do with this PR stunt.

Comment Re:Boo Whoo! (Score 0) 212

Like the hype of the iPad.... yesh, nobody every bought any of those things. God, I rarely see anyone with them.

Microsoft took a working idea, the tablet, and then let ballmer use his inability to make any sane decision on it. EVERY ASPECT of the Surface was a failure before it left the gate. and all of the failure lies at the feet of ballmer.

Comment Re:Solatube. (Score 1) 240

"The Solatube is pretty much identical in efficiency to a standard skylight."

Which is horrible. Again, normal homes have a R-30 to R-45 insulation rating for the ceiling. the absolute best skylights on the market, 4 pane super duper space age ones are R-9 Most are R-3 to R-5 for the high end ones. And open hole is R-0

So my point stands, they are barely more efficient than a hole in the ceiling.

Comment Re:Sooo.... (Score 1) 184

Mathematics is all the citation I need.

If you think you can have a permanent ring at 3650km up, then you need to research orbatal physics. just the sheer area needed to cover at a stable orbital point for a ring to stay up there on it's own for a short time, like a decade.. would require an immense amount of metal even in 1.78cm lengths. I actually think I am under estimating it, and they will need to launch every ounce of aluminum along with every ounce of copper on the planet into space to form this ring.

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