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Comment Re:Opening up HR to https will save it (Score 1) 371

You think that is magic.... While camping talk to the guys on the ISS in realtime while you track the ISS by hand with a portable yagi. THAT one kicks the crud out of anything anyone can do on the internet.

I just wish there was more 2meter sideband activity out there. ICOM and other manufacturers fault for only selling FM handhelds.

Comment Re:Hero (Score 2, Insightful) 601

"This is true but irreverent."

If you think that then you are a fool. Why do you think you can only be charged for one crime and the prosecution has to say "Aw shucks, we can't charge him with everything under the sun."

They WILL charge him with it as a nice tasty add-on to hopefully increase the punishment.

Comment Re:Like maybe Google Shopping? (Score 1) 230

Which is why I block ALL ad's on every computer I touch. I have installed adblock plus on every single computer I have to service or use. Until advertisers get scruples, I'm blocking it for everyone I can. To this date it is about 450 people and counting that no longer see ad's online because of me, I hope to hit 1000.

Comment Re:Sounds like BS to me (Score 1) 230

Because bullshit paid ad's for software are links to scumware installers. Search google for the free software "greenshot" the first two links are to installers and packagers that will fill your computer with all kinds of spyware and crap. a lot of other things are exactly like this.

non tech savvy users are having problems telling the difference between the scum and the real thing.

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