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Comment Re:Like maybe Google Shopping? (Score 1) 230

Which is why I block ALL ad's on every computer I touch. I have installed adblock plus on every single computer I have to service or use. Until advertisers get scruples, I'm blocking it for everyone I can. To this date it is about 450 people and counting that no longer see ad's online because of me, I hope to hit 1000.

Comment Re:Sounds like BS to me (Score 1) 230

Because bullshit paid ad's for software are links to scumware installers. Search google for the free software "greenshot" the first two links are to installers and packagers that will fill your computer with all kinds of spyware and crap. a lot of other things are exactly like this.

non tech savvy users are having problems telling the difference between the scum and the real thing.

Comment Re:Hero (Score 5, Insightful) 601

"But then he flees from a country that he exposed secretly spies on its own people, to a country that openly spies on its people."

No, you have that incorrect....

he FLED from a country known for torturing and permanently imprisoning people that go against the current leadership. He knew that computer crime is punished far more severely than murder is. and he knew that with laws signed by Obama, he can be called an "enemy combatant" without any proof and sent away to be tortured for the rest of his life.

That is why he ran, and I certainly would as well. Only a complete moron would stay where they could be captured, silenced and forced to pay for their insolence every hour of every day for the rest of their lives until they are broken and make a public statement as to how they were evil.

THIS is the US of A, we happily and openly use torture.

Comment DUH. (Score 2) 295

Step 1 when you have a leak. Discredit the source.

the NSA knows they need to lie through their teeth hard to discredit this as fast as possible and hope that the bulk of the population believes them.

Step 2 is demonize the source in the eyes of the people. That one is currently underway.

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