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Comment Re:You are kidding right? (Score 1) 274

ITAR simply requires State-Side storage.

IIRC, ITAR compliance would not be very compliant when foreign citizens - especially citizens of named prohibited nations - have access to your data, even if it occurs on US soil. That can easily happen because cloud companies are not restricted in who they hire; they aren't even required to monitor what their employees are doing with your data. If anything happens that you, the customer, don't like, their liability is limited to what you paid for the service in the last billing cycle.

You may encrypt your data, but I don't think this helps. Having data is a separate problem from having the key. These problems can be solved by independent methods.

Comment Re:Right of asylum cannot be assumed (Score 1) 650

I know and understand enough not to have baseless fears.

You do?

That is the first result on Google, out of 1,229,682 in total. JS is a complete programming language; and while it runs mostly sandboxed, its effects are not sandboxed. For example, JS can do portscans of government computers on behalf of a third party. Do you want to probe Pentagon's servers while you read news on a blog? The FBI will come knocking down YOUR door, not the door of the hacker who inserted the code into someone else's server. JS code can upload illegal materials onto servers; that includes materials that you can go to prison for. JS makes your computer into a flexible proxy for a purpose that you do not know. It will cease to run after you leave the page; but with enough hits, the author does not care - every visitor will do his small bit of work. For all that work it will use your IP address. Good luck proving to a judge that it wasn't you who registered for an account and posted a CP photo. All the IP records will point at your PC.

The executive summary here is simple: today you should be fully aware of what your computer is doing. Running obfuscated, untraceable JS on random Web pages is the least wise idea here - especially when you don't need that JS. That's why NoScript defaults to deny. There are few pages that use JS for a reason; if you trust them, enable JS for them. Browsing random sites with JS on is not the best course of action.

Comment Evolution Isn't Adapting (Score 1) 230

Evolution isn't adapting.

Evolution has more to do with everyone else dying. People always make, what is to me, the strange assumption that evolution is an active process. Like, it's your personal responsibility to evolve. Evolution is, in fact, a spontaneous mutation. If the mutant dies it was a cruel mistake. If the mutant breeds, passes a trait to the next generation, and everyone else without that trait dies, then it's evolution.

Natural selection is nature doing the selection, not Microsoft's willpower.

I mean, I like Aesop's fables and the old testament as much as the next guy, but there's a big difference between the virtues of hard work, the perils of improvidence, and evolving.

Just saying.

Comment Re:Apple isn't Google's rival (Score 2) 223

You mean iWork's Syncing between computers & iOS versions/devices? Yeah, it may work for home users but not for businesses. I learned this the hardway. The iOS versions don't have all the templates compared to the dektops and the ability to share and edit bewteen multiple people doesn't work unless you are all on the same iTunes account. Unfortunately they don't really offer a small business edition of iCloud. I wish they did.

We've ended up with SkyDrive & Office365. It's not without it's own set of problems, but overall meets our needs extremely well. And with the SkyDrive App on iOS we can show powerpoint presentations and edit online if need be from iPads, etc..

The Irony is that Microsoft and Apple both need each other. And Microsoft has started to become far better about opening up support for other devices. With the surface being a no go, MS really needs to revaluate creating a version of Office for iPad.

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