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Comment Re:Right of asylum cannot be assumed (Score 2) 650

But considering how much of the web requires javascript these days, its hardly something to complain about in a comment.

Most of the Web gracefully degrades. At least you see enough to decide if you are still interested in the site or not, and how dangerous it looks like.

I don't want to enable JS to just read some dumb text - or worse, get a video playing "YOU HAVE BEEN 0WN3D!" in fullscreen mode. Most people would call it paranoia, but the Slashdot crowd is somewhat more aware of what lurks out there.

If you don't like it, get NoScript and move on with your life.

That's what I use. Exceptions are granted on "as needed after careful consideration" basis, not just because some damn site wants JS. There are too many news sites out there; I can't read them all even if I make it my full time job. A site that doesn't render for no good reason gets skipped. Buyer's market.

Comment Re:High risk (Score 1) 390

It's hard to know because they're so secretive about their security--note that this is a huge red flag for computer security, but pretty common in physical security.

I'm utterly unsurprised at this attack however. Hardware guys usually write bad software, and security is hard for even software guys to get right. I would be more surprised if there is a manufacturer that is consistently good at preventing these attacks.

Comment Re:Already happening (Score 1) 867

They should do that - it's a crime, after all. By not going after vandals they are saying that vandalism is safe for criminals. This is not the message that any sane society should send. Trayvon Martin was killed only because at no point in his life he was told to stop doing what he was doing. Per Peter's Principle he eventually bit more than he could chew. If you don't seek out and punish vandals, some of them will be soon playing knock out kings, or killing people for fun - and will get themselves killed. Arresting them early, for a small crime, may save them from committing a large crime.

Comment Re:Smart move (Score 1) 457

And if in turn _you_ are going to be pedantic, then let _me_ be pedantic by pointing out you are are wrong.

Electrocution, source 1:
1. to kill by electricity.
2. to execute (a criminal) by electricity, as in an electric chair.
Origin: 1885–90, Americanism; electro- + (exe)cute

Electrocution, source 2:
1: to execute (a criminal) by electricity
2: to kill by electric shock
— electrocution noun
electr- + -cute (as in execute)
First Known Use: 1889

Yes, the word has been dumbed down by some stupid dictionaries due to dumb people using it wrong so frequently. The derivation should be your CLUE to what the real meaning is.

Clue: you have never been electrocuted.

Comment Re:mdadm can do this (Score 2) 227

Seriously? If the drive in the laptop fails, it has failed in any scenario. It doesn't matter what strategy you use to back up. You are looking at installing a new one and copying the backup in any event. In any backup scenario you have to do an added trick with grub to copy the boot sector to the second drive. Then all you have to do to recover is pop a new drive in the laptop and dd the backup drive to the new drive, boot sector, partition table, file system, files and all.

Comment Re:Already happening (Score 1) 867

What do you mean their opinion doesn't matter? Of course everyone gets to weigh in on whether or not parks are subsidized - cities are not run by dictators

... and ...

the last time I needed the police, then didn't even come out to look at my vandalized car, they just had me fill out an online form to report it. In your unsubsidized city, why wouldn't you fund those services with user fees?

Funny how contradictory these statements are. City police is financed by the taxpayers of the city, and the citizens are free to weigh in, and the police chief is not a dictator... except when he is, as he denies you the service that you have already paid for.

As you noticed, I am proposing to not pay for fire and police per call simply because they are equally needed by all, at more or less the same rate. Charing per call would result in the same distribution of fees. However firefighting services often charge those who are responsible for fires, and those are some serious expenses ($10-20K, if the fire was large enough.) Ambulances are already private, and they charge you for a ride. Police will charge you if your house's alarm system triggers too often in error (there are a couple of free false alarms per year, or something - depends on the city.) Also the city nearby charges a separate tax on alarm systems, to help pay the extra expenses incurred by the police.

Most of our city parks do have homeless drug users in the bushes, but that doesn't make them awful places.

One person's measure of awfulness may differ from another person's measure. But you are right in some way. I often see people driving trucks that are covered in graffiti; and I see joggers that jog through trash-littered areas, navigating around homeless. I am amazed how well trained they are to tune out those aspects of civilization. I cannot do that as good as experienced riders of NYC subway do - who, clothed in very expensive business suits, walk around pools of supicious liquids on the floor and pretend that there is nothing there, and that the stench is just light fragrance of roses. Yes, I am quick to leave such places to never return. Having been born and raised in a 10M+ city made me hate crowds. Harry Harrison's short story Make Room! Make Room! resonates with me, and I understand Solarians.

Comment Re:Already happening (Score 1) 867

They are subsidized by everyone, regardless of whether they want the park or use the train. Their opinion does not matter. If you want fairness, remove subsidies and charge visitors to the park. Wil you still jog there? The train ticket will also rise in price, making the car even more attractive.

There are only a few services that are equally applicable to everyone: fire, police, and such, just because everyone has more or less the same probability of needing them. There bickering about taxes to support them becomes unproductive. Everything else benefits one small group of people, while being paid for by everyone. I always say that such services should be financed by their users. If they are good, they can get even better. If they are bad, they should go out of business and give up the resources that they occupy to something else or to someone else who can do better things for people (and for which those people will want to pay.) As it is currently, the park may be an awful place, with a drug user under every bush, and still nothing would be done.

The system of cross-subsidies confuses the market so much that nobody can tell with any certainty who pays for what, and how much. Your example with roads is a good one. Who pays for upkeep of roads? What is the share of gas tax, city taxes, state taxes and federal taxes in all that? It's even dependent on the type of the road. No serious discussion can be held until all these numbers are easy to find and easy to understand. Such confusion is only helping bureaucrats to move money around, in and out of their personal slush funds, to finance whatever they feel important at expense of what the people find important.

Comment Re:Already happening (Score 1) 867

There are few black people around here. They are not a significant factor in local crime. Illegal immigrants from Central America are the majority. They look the same as any other Latino who lives here for generations. Maybe you can tell by clothes. But behavior is the only reliable clue; and the good part is that it works on all races and all skin tones. In the end, you only care about actions.

Comment Re:Huh. (Score 1) 457

Actually I see no evidence whatsoever that anyone doesn't understand that in China you can buy a cheap knock off of pretty much anything that hasn't been tested by anybody. Perhaps you could point at comments (you misreplied to mine, but as I specifically pointed to the fact that it's easier to produce crap that doesn't work within spec as a factor here, we have to assume that was a mistake on your part because literacy) that underscore your thesis that nobody understands that in China, or anywhere else, it's easy to obtain cheap dangerous knock-offfs.

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