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Submission + - Probing an 'Invisible' Exoplanet's Atmosphere (discovery.com)

astroengine writes: "To study the atmospheres of planets beyond the solar system, astronomers have had two choices: pick one that flies across the face of its parent star relative to Earth's perspective (an event known as a transit), or wait for a new generation of more sensitive space telescopes that can directly capture the planet's faint light. Now, there's a third option. Using a cryogenically-cooled infrared detector on a telescope in Chile, astronomers ferreted out beams of light coming directly from Tau Boötis b, a massive planet about 50 light-years from Earth."

Comment Design your own? (Score 1) 629

I see a few people walking around with bluetooth headsets. Maybe "invisible" hearing aids are expensive, but another option would be to use(hack) these cellphone headsets, or even use an iphone (there noise cancelling sw built in). People are used to seeing them - just have to convince your mom.

Comment Maybe, just maybe (Score 3, Interesting) 827

While I would not expect that the drive cables should affect the audio in any way, I have been in hardware development long enough that when a software person makes some strange claim like"the circuit changed and I didn't do anything" that often there is something behind it. In short, these things are complex. Not that the cable should not make any difference. Maybe in his motherboard, the terminations are not good and the EMI in the board is affecting the audio. This cable may be a better match. I am not saying this is the case, but do not write off these things just because they do not make sense. That said, the writer should also try to replicate on several platforms etc etc

Comment Is there at least some kind of vault storage (Score 1) 197

I would imagine this kind of software would be too complex and specialized to be effectively reviewed at large. And who would still be responsible if something was wrong? There would be discussions to no end on how to do things. However, some kind of vault (government or 3rd party) to store the source would be good just to prevent intentional or accidental loss of the information should long term statistics show something is not right. If the software is open source, then the whole design may have to be open.

Sound As the New Illegal Narcotic? Screenshot-sm 561

ehrichweiss writes "The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is warning parents and teachers of a new threat to our children: sounds. Apparently kids are now discovering binaural beats and using them to get 'physiological effects.' The report goes on with everyone suggesting that such aural experiences will act as a gateway to drug usage and even has one student claiming there are 'demons' involved. Anyone who has used one of those light/sound machines knows all about the effects that these sounds will give and to state that they will lead kids to do drugs is nonsense at best. It seems the trend in scaring the citizens with a made-up problem has gone to the next level."

Comment make your own asset tracker? (Score 1) 70

I think a classification and storage system would be more useful than software, but maybe you are talking about a very large number of components. If you want to roll you own, I started a very basic asset tracker using based on PHP. It's maybe slightly more useful than a spreadsheet. You can find it at http://tamb.sf.net/

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