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Comment Re:How does this work in my positive-earth car? (Score 1) 792

I believe they are called "positive ground" (+ terminal of battery connected to chassis ground instead of - terminal) and yes they do exist.

not if you're English. (or your car is English) My car has a sticker under the hood (bonnet) that says "This vehicle is wired NEGATIVE EARTH" in big bold letters to make sure you know that before you try to hook up jumper cables.

On a related note, will these work on 6v vehicles? You'd probably have to buy a separate one that costs 10x as much in either case.


Submission + - Twitter Users Can Now Buy Followers

Hugh Pickens writes: "BBC reports that uSocial, a social media marketing company based in Australia, has launched a paid service to find followers for Twitter users for a fee of $87 for a block of 1,000. The company finds potential followers by searching through Twitter to discover areas of common interest to match people more closely. uSocial then send these potential followers a message, alerting them that there is someone on Twitter they might want to follow and the potential follower then decides whether or not to follow that person. "A woman who runs yoga classes is one of our clients," says Leon Hill, chief executive of uSocial,. "So are some religious organizations including one man that just wants to get the word out about God. Twitter started as a way for just friends to keep in touch, but as with any social media site once they get big, every business or marketer jumps on the bandwagon. It's an excellent marketing medium." Some commentators have expressed concerns that this sort of practice could lead to an increase in "Twitter spam", as users are bombarded with irrelevant tweets. "As a Twitter user, I only want to follow people whose tweets I like, and only expect to be followed by people who find my tweets worth the time," writes Harry McCracken, a technology expert. "I know that I'd rather have fifty engaged followers than 5,000 whose attention I had to pay for.""

Comment Re:i would, but data plan is risky & incompreh (Score 1) 384

Murky and Incomprehensible: Can anyone surf one of the Android sites and figure out WTF plans you actually need to run these phones and what it will cost per year? It's worse than buying a house. I'd rather try to figure out the federal deficit.

Do you go to to find information about plans for smartphones running Symbian? If you want to know you should go to the carrier's website, not the phone OS's website or the phone manufacturer's website. If you have a problem with the carrier's website that's alright, but no need to blame Android for that. It probably sucked before Android.

Risky: I keep reading these stories about people who traveled and came home to discover a phone bill larger than my annual salary. Sorry, but I am not going to risk my financial well-being to own a whizzy phone..

This can happen with any smartphone. If you roam and use the data connection it gets expensive. There is an option in the phone called 'Disable Data Roaming.' It has been there since day one, and anyone who racked up huge charges obviously did not check this box before they left the country.

Data Storage

Canadian Nuke Bunker To Be Converted Into Data Fortress 197

miller60 writes "A hosting firm has purchased a nuke-resistant bunker in Novia Scotia, and plans to convert it into a data fortress for financial firms. Bastionhost hopes to attract European financial firms wary of housing sensitive data in the US due to the USA Patriot Act. The facility is one of a series of 'Diefenbunkers' built during the tenure of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker to keep the Canadian government running in the event of a nuclear attack. While not all of these underground data bunker projects work out, a similar nuke-proof bunker in Stockholm, Sweden was recently converted into a stylish high-tech data lair for an ISP."

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