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Comment Re:2 kilowatts? (Score 1) 438

But electric motors have nothing to do with charging the batteries... While electric motors are very efficient compared to the ICE, a more realistic number would be 85-90%. I've seen peak efficiency as high as 98% in some hub motor data sheets, but that's only at particular speeds.

As far as charging efficiency goes, I imagine there are losses from the voltage converter and the internal resistance of the battery cells. How much effect they have, I can't say...

Comment Re:2 kilowatts? (Score 1) 438

If you're assuming 100% efficiency and constant power (probably quite wrong on both counts), just have a look at the capacity of battery packs and divide by the charging time. We can look at 3 battery packs: the Prius (1.3 kWh), the Chevy Volt (16 kWh), and the Tesla Roadster (53 kWh). For an 8 hour charge time, that's approximately 160 W (Prius), 2.0 kW (Volt), and 6.6 kW (Roadster).

Comment Re:Ok, but (Score 1) 1138

These days, the kids barely show up to class unless there are attendance points.

It would help if going to class weren't a waste of time. Too many professors simply read their slides and ask only very basic questions. The net effect is students that are either distracting themselves or struggling to stay awake and pay attention. The textbook is a much better format for this type of material.

Then again, I have a feeling this lecture style is made to accommodate the lazy student. Reading the text--before an exam or homework forces it--seems rare...

Comment Re:really? (Score 1) 379

I can't remember the last time I went out of my way to look up a movie trailer to see if I wanted to see the movie. It HAS happened, but not nearly on the same scale.

I do this all the time. The trailer often picks some of the most interesting sequences of the movie. If it isn't good enough, the movie is binned to rental or exclusion.

Comment Re:I hope it's under the BSD or MIT licenses. (Score 1) 205

> Why do you label him a "troll"? What he says is absolutely true; the MIT and BSD licenses are basically the most-free licenses around.

And pointless.

They aren't entirely pointless. They force new developers to give credit to those that came before. I figure this is what a university is most interested in (i.e. their reputation).

Comment Re:I hope it's under the BSD or MIT licenses. (Score 1) 205

Putting aside your whining about being unable to monetize your changes to someone else's code, I think you can expect a relatively permissive license. In TFA, EditShare mentions they intend to let developers sell plug-ins and such. While some device drivers demonstrate you can make binary blobs interact with GPL code, I imagine it would make things much simpler if they stuck with a BSD or MIT license.

Comment Re:Fees (Score 1) 525

I don't know about how brazen the RIAA is, but as far as I can tell, the Court ruled them statutory damages--There was a table with each song on a row and a column titled "Statutory Damages Award," and written in each box was 22,500.00 (source). If they thought they were handing down a punishment, well, they picked the wrong box. While I agree with you that tens of thousands in compensation for each song is ridiculous, that's how the fools ruled.

Comment Re:Fees (Score 1) 525

Disclaimer: IANAL.

It's not being twisted around, honestly. Perhaps the intent was to prevent the injustices we're talking about now, but that isn't how it was written. The RIAA seeks what it sees as damages, at least ostensibly; this is compensation, not punishment. Even if this were a criminal trial, it would be foolhardy to use the eighth amendment to attack awards for statutory damages. Totally different story if we're talking about a fine.

And that's why they're talking about due process instead. I'm not sure how that works (certainly didn't read the brief), but it sounds logical to me.

Comment Re:Package management (Score 1) 162

One question... why? I bet your prejudices are based on very outdated information.

I've used yum, zypper, apt, and pacman based systems before, and I don't see any significant differences in the packaging format's power. Repositories are often set up a bit differently, but that's a policy issue. What is this major feature DEB has that RPM doesn't? Or even that apt has that yum doesn't?

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I can buy it. (Score 1) 220

I figured netbooks were positioned between handhelds and notebooks... but if you're going to include the DSi, perhaps the Pandora would be a better answer for that. They may actually start shipping sometime this year... ;)

They're working with their contractor to perfect the case moulds right now, and the rest of the components are supposedly together, ready for assembly. I'm not qualified to judge, but it sounds like they aren't far off. Too bad ordering is a snafu.

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