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Comment predicting being a teenager ? (Score 1) 163

"peer-to-peer file sharing, heavy emailing and chatting online, and a tendency to quickly switch between multiple websites and other online resources all predict a greater propensity to experience symptoms of depression" All of that sounds like normal teenager behavior in 2012. And seriously, what teenager isn't depressed. Their faces are all spotty, they have to sit in Trigonometry class, won't have gratuitous sex until college, curfew, living with parents, can't drink alcohol, etc. Just remembering all of that makes ME depressed.

Comment go with C (Score 2) 146

I'd definitely recommend C as a starting point for anybody serious about learning how to program. You can do high level stuff (pointers, functions). low level (bit manipulation) and everything in between. Also C is the starting point for so many other languages. The knowledge picked up could be extended to Java, C++, C# pretty quickly. If C is considered too cumbersome, Python would be an excellent choice. The clean coding style required definitely builds good habits. But, God Forbid, don't start with Javascript !

Comment good for R&D (Score 1) 202

I think people who excel at competitions would be a perfect fit for Research and Development positions. That would include programming jobs on the cutting edge of some field (computational biology, financial engineering, petabyte data analytics, etc). The speed and insight required for competition success is exactly the qualities you'd want in roles like that. However prize-winning programmers might find normal enterprise computing jobs dull or uninteresting and would probably not be a good fit. Kentucky Derby winners don't make good plow horses !

Comment Re:Low expectations (Score 1) 93

The best passwords are those hiding in plain sight. I like to keep a few pictures of things at my desk that instantly remind me of the password. For example it could be a picture of a big fat guy for password 300#FatGuy. That way you're unlikely to forget and still nobody would ever guess the actual password.

Submission + - Will ISPs be driven to spy on their customers

bs0d3 writes: In regards to the new 'voluntary' graduated response deal; where no one really knows how ISPs will track and accuse customers of copyright infringement, according to CNN, it may be the ISP directly spying on their customers. "But now that they're free from individual blame, there's also the strong possibility that the ISPs will be doing the data monitoring directly. That's a much bigger deal. So instead of reaching out to the Internet to track down illegally flowing bits of their movies, the studios will sit back while ISP's "sniff" the packets of data coming to and from their customers' computers." This could be a problem for people who use US based internet services. If the US wants to be an internet savvy country, they still need the competition in the market place that's always been missing; and a digital bill of rights that isn't a sneaky anti-piracy measure.

Submission + - Apple Exits "Green Hardware" Program (cnet.com)

westlake writes: "From CNETreports that Apple is turning its back on the EPA supported EPEAT hardware certification program.

One of the problems EPEAT sees are barriers to recycling. Batteries and screens glued into place. That sort of thing.

There is a price for Apple in this.

CIO Journal notes that the U.S. government requires that 95 percent of its electronics bear the EPEAT seal of approval; large companies such as Ford and Kaiser Permanente require their CIOs to buy from EPEAT-certified firms; and many of the largest universities in the U.S. prefer to buy EPEAT-friendly gear."

Submission + - Rapid website/database devlepment

Stoffeman writes: I’m planning on building a web based trading platform. The main users of the system will be suppliers as well as buyers of goods and the website a sort of platform for these to interact.

In the system’s first phase I only need to create a working demo to raise early capital for my company.

What would be the easiest way to get started. Microsoft Access / Sharepoint seems relatively easy but I want to know what options there are out there. I want a fully workable demo solution within days.

I have some old programming skills and could learn enough to set up system, but I don’t have the time to do it as I need to focus my time on the overall functionality and the general business model. The rest needs to be “quick and dirty” in the first phase to allow me to litmus-test my idea with potential customers and investors, yet it should contain a good amount of decent functionality. The demo system will not be used other than for demoing.

What would be the easiest and fastest route to take?

Comment cutting corners on safety ? (Score 1) 389

From my office in NYC I can see the World Trade towers being constructed. There's all kinds of safety nets around the unfinished floors, mandated harnesses for staff who work outside, etc. I could see all of that type of safety procedures (which I'm sure is the same across the USA and Europe) ignored in the quest for completing the building on time. No doubt a few of these Chinese speed-building workers would die during the process (though no one would ever hear about it in the news).

Comment Re:The significance of LinkedIn (Score 1) 192

Yes but what about sites with stupid developers that limit password size or don't allow special characters (two of the most important aspects of good passwords) ? I've seen plenty of them. In essence you have to dumb down your base password choice to accommodate them. Or remember that for those particular sites you have a short / no special character version of the password. Which you inevitably forget soon after creating the account.

Submission + - RIM: What the hell happened? (cnn.com)

KernelMuncher writes: Research in Motion went from a sleepy Canadian backwater to the world's most innovative and fastest growing phone company in no time. Now, with its Blackberry business all but stalled, the company's future has never looked more uncertain.

Comment rare combinations of skill and experience (Score 1) 886

I look at job boards in Finance and see numerous firms advertising for very specialized combinations of skills and experience. For instance expert level C++ coders with several years of ultra-high frequency trading experience. Basically they want to recruit someone who's already doing the exact job they are advertising for. So it's no wonder these jobs go unfilled.

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