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Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 179

You sir are a clueless cretin if you actually believe this dongle wouldn't be on sales had it not been for Sony removing OtherOS.

This dongle is for piracy, nothing else....

Simple as that, it does not allow you to boot Linux, and has no legitimate purpose. The backup excuse does not wash either, as Blu-Ray disks are not scratchable like DVD is.

You can eat a dick. You don't tell me what the fuck I do with my console, that I paid with my own money. If I want to fucking burn it, I will. If I want to insert a PSJailbreak in it, I will.

And you go and fuck yourself, along with your "I know what's best for you" logic.

Totally agreed. I scrapped Apple's logo from my iPhone and everybody said I was nuts. "WHAA THE HELL now it looks like iFone China(R)" But I said fuck it it's mine if I want to drive over it with a truck I will.

Anyways, it's still up to them to ban and block you from using their PlayStation Network.

PS: I also own a ps3.

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