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Submission + - Interesting Computer Science Jobs? 1

mattskent writes: I'm currently a junior in college working towards my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. As such, I'm starting to look pretty seriously at jobs in the IT/Computer Science field. I've spent plenty of time working entry-level IT jobs doing various kinds of help desk type work, and so most of the exposure I've had to the field is related to support of other people's computers. I enjoy helping other people out, but I'd rather not be plugging things in and restarting computers the rest of my life. Although the possibility is growing on me, I don't think I would particularly love to write code all day for a living either. What are some interesting jobs that you've had or heard of that I could look into fresh out of college with a Computer Science degree?

Submission + - iphone 3G unlock released (

aotea_Joe writes: iPhone 3G finally has a publicly available software unlock and can be unlocked using the application installers added by the jailbreak software. It's still in beta but reports are that it works so at last, iPhone users can move there phone between carriers/countries.

Submission + - Is there a God gene? Or why we think like we do... (

jake-in-a-box writes: "Why do religious people live longer, healthier lives, achieve more and in general have better quality of life? This study suggests that the meme for religion has a fitness factor because it results in better self-control, fostering goal-oriented behavior and all that comes from it. It also has implications for understanding extremist behavior. Perhaps getting people blow themselves up is the wetware equivalent of planting a logic bomb."

Comment Re:Is this troublesome to anyone else? (Score 2, Interesting) 353

The idea of MSFT deleting a program (albeit a piece of malware) from my machine bothers me.
When will their idea of malware differ from mine?

I had to use Real VNC at my last job and Windows Live OneCare (or whatever it's called) detected and removed it. I would think MRT would ignore questionable software, but for apps/services targeting Joe Sixpack, don't be surprised to see some things like VNC or IRC software flagged as malware.

Comment Re:Agree! (Score 4, Informative) 353

Malwarebytes is awesome! The AV2009 malware is a tough one to remove, but Malwarebytes takes is right off.

I swear by them. In fact, I removed Symantec AV from my computer (since it only protects against exploits nobody uses anymore and slows your PC down more than any virus). I use Windows Defender to monitor system changes and do periodic sweeps w/ Malwarebytes. System is much faster now and still clean.

Comment Re:A la carte pricing debate (Score 1) 379

Do other Slashdotters have an a la carte TV solution that doesn't entail torrents, watching on the web/computer or illegal downloads?

None here, but I seem to recall hearing the FCC was mulling over the idea. This was some time ago, mind you. I don't think it ever really took off. Too bad, too. To get Noggin for the kids, we pay $60/mo for TV. Of the 150 or so channels we pay for, we only ever watch 6 of them.

The Courts

Submission + - New York Times sued over URL linking .. ( 1

Davros writes: GateHouse Media, which publishes more than 100 papers in Massachusetts, accuses the Times of violating copyright by allowing its Boston Globe online unit to copy verbatim the headlines and first sentences from articles published on sites owned by GateHouse

Submission + - 5 Free songs for Guitar Hero ends December 31 (

Canadianfreestuff writes: " You'll need the serial number from your GH:WT Guitar and the code from the back of the user manual (in the disk box). I just signed up and it said to expect an email in 4-6 weeks with details on how to get the free tracks. BTW the Guitar Hero: World Tour guitar's serial number is located inside the battery well — remove your batteries to see it. Here's the list of songs you can choose from: Blind Melon — No Rain Boston — Rock and Roll Band Foreigner — Hot blooded The Killers — Human Nirvana — Silver Oasis — The Shock of the Lightning R.E.M — Supernatural Superserious Raconteurs — Salute Your Solutions Rick Springfield — Jessie's Girl Smashing Pumpkins — The Everlasting Glaze"

Submission + - 400,000 PCs infected with Fake 'Antivirus 2009'

nandemoari writes: The second month of Microsoft's campaign against fake security software has resulted in the removal of the rogue "Antivirus 2009" application from almost 400,000 infected PCs. Microsoft claims that December's version of the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) — the free utility included in Windows Update every month — specifically targeted "Antivirus 2009." According to Microsoft, MSRT removed the rogue application from over 394,000 PCs in the first nine days after it was released on December 9.
Data Storage

Submission + - Mirroring is Not a Backup Solution

Craig writes: " have fallen, never to return. The post on their site describes how their entire database was overwritten either through some inconceivable OS or application bug, or more likely a malicious act. Regardless of how the data was lost, their undoing appears to have been that they treated the drive mirroring as a backup and have now paid the ultimate price for not having point in time backups of the data that was their business."

Submission + - What are your experiences with AT&T U-verse

MpVpRb writes: So...late last night, this very persistent young man came to my door. He was pitching AT&T U-verse. Evidently this is some kind of hybrid fiber/copper broadband that promises high speed internet, TV and phone. He talked and talked and refused to stop, even after I told him I was not interested several times. The fact that they have resorted to high pressure door-to-door sales makes me think that the service is in deep trouble.

Have any Slashdotters tried it? If so, what are your experiences?

Comment Re:Fallout 3 (Score 1) 109

...Bethesda spent significant amounts of budget on hiring the voice actors for the game, specifically two or three more famous ones...

Dear Old Dad is voiced by Liam Neeson. I didn't recognize any of the other voices though.


Submission + - Quake Swarm and Uplift @ Yellowstone Caldera

Dusty writes: "Reports of a large quake swarm in Yellowstone Caldera are popping up on the interwebs. From the AP article the director of the Yellowstone Seismic Network states 'They're certainly not normal,' and 'We haven't had earthquakes in this energy or extent in many years.'. Sciam has a neat post on the topic, and you can track the uplift and movement real time here."

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