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The Courts

Submission + - Suit: RIAA Threatened to Interrogate 10 Year Old

eliot1785 writes: A woman has sued the RIAA after she claimed they threatened to confront and interrogate her 10 year old daughter in pursuit of a case that they knew was failing. Apparently the woman in question had the preponderance of evidence in her favor, but the RIAA was afraid of dropping the case for fear it would embolden other defendants, so they compensated for the lack of evidence with empty threats. The RIAA's fear is very real, by the way — their shotgun legal strategy would be too expensive for themselves if they had to actually prosecute every case instead of settling.

Comment I had an opposite experience (Score 2, Interesting) 329

I installed a free copy of Vista I got from Dell about 2 weeks ago as well, and immediately uninstalled it. I had made an image of my hard drive pre-upgrade with Norton Ghost so it was pretty easy to do so. I was actually pretty excited about Vista, and ended up being disappointed. My primary complaints include (there may have been more but I uninstalled too quickly to find them):

- they eliminated the expanding "All Programs" menu from the Start menu (wtf?), so instead you have to scroll up and down interminably on a little window in the Start menu. Think of it like using Start on your Blackberry. It's either that or use search to find your program.
- 10,000 shades of teal mixed with an unchangeable grey/black/silver Taskbar / Start menu = extreme nausea, plus there is no way to change it.
- Flip 3D is not useful because you have to use either a 3-key combo to use it or click on a little button on the taskbar to use it. I would have preferred just using my mouse scrollwheel...
- The "User Access Control" thing warned me 3 times in a row about WinRAR and I couldn't just approve the program...
- The start button is a lot harder to click on now since it's not synonymous with the corner - you have to visually find it.

I really liked IE until they screwed everything up in IE7, and now I've started using Firefox. I am wondering whether Vista will do the same thing and force me to start using a Mac and/or Linux. Linux still isn't an option though because the media copyright issues make it hard to use for multimedia applications. And a Mac screams "vendor lock-in". So maybe I'll just use XP forever...

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