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Comment Re:That's really awesome (Score 1) 315

I think that is a bit over the top, millions. A 1TB drive, will be about 930GB when formatted. That is 930.000MB. Say your average MP3/AAC is 5MB and costs about 1 dollar, you could stuff 186.000 dollars worth of music on it. Still a lot though.

Question: Can you insure a harddrive based on the price/value of it content?

Comment Re:Communism-- the gift that keeps on giving (Score 2) 206

From a purely ideological perspective, there isn't anything wrong with communism. But in practice it utterly fails due to incompetence, corruption and selfishness. From a purely ideological perspective, there is a lot wrong with capitalism. It thrives on selfishness, inequality and stupidity but it works better than anything (well, credit crisis aside).

Sub-$100 Laptops Have Finally Arrived 437

Roman Phalanx writes "OLPC had promised that it would be possible to mass produce a sub-$100 laptop. The folks at OLPC tried to realize that dream by re-imagining what a laptop looks like. How large of screen and keyboard it has. What OS runs on the laptop. Now that OLPC has decided to super size their systems to run Windows XP, the $100 price point has slipped beyond their reach. A Chinese firm has realized that dream. Taking the best from both the OLPC and EeePC. They ditched x86 compatibility and switched to a MIPS architecture to further reduce production costs. HiVision has managed to create a UMPC that sells right now for $120.00. They say they have refined the manufacturing process and have learned from building this laptop how to mass produce a laptop that will sell for $98.00." (More below, including a link to a video of the device.)

Preload Drastically Boosts Linux Performance 144

Nemilar writes "Preload is a Linux daemon that stores commonly-used libraries and binaries in memory to speed up access times, similar to the Windows Vista SuperFetch function. This article examines Preload and gives some insight into how much performance is gained for its total resource cost, and discusses basic installation and configuration to get you started."
The Courts

Submission + - British Police guilty over Menezes case

baileydau writes: London's Metropolitan Police force has been found guilty of endangering the public over the fatal shooting of a man officers mistook for a suicide bomber.

The force broke health and safety laws when officers pursued Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes to a Tube station and shot him seven times, a jury found.

It was fined £175,000 with £385,000 costs over the 22 July 2005 shooting.

The BBC article can be found at:

There is also a chilling "step-by-step guide to a killing" (Flash — there is a non-flash alternative at:
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Email Threats Less Crazy than Snail Mail ( 2

SoyChemist writes: Psychologists at the University of Nebraska have read 300 threatening letters and 99 angry emails to members of congress. They concluded that the authors of the electronic messages show less signs of serious mental illness, but they are more profane and disorganized. The report was published in the September issue [subscription] of the Journal of Forensic Sciences.
United States

Submission + - USPS invokes the Patriot Act with PO Box Holders (

jX writes: "I've blogged about a document I got from the USPS with a request for more documentation. When I spoke with the clerk, it's all related to the bloody Patriot Act. I scanned in the document to share with the world. I didn't see any other notices of this on the net yet, so I'm eager to get word of this to everyone. It's a sham request for ID when the real goal is more documentation of a person's physical address, when logically, since the documents they request are readily accessible by the gov't to begin with, why do we need to present these? It's more clumsy Big Brother security theater."

Colbert Ballot Bid Shot Down 501

wizzard2k writes "Some of you may have seen Stephen Colbert's bid for the South Carolina Presidential Primary, however it seems his hopes to appear on the ballot as a candidate for the Democratic Party have been shot down. From the report: 'Stephen Colbert's bid to get on the ballot for the upcoming Democratic primary in his home state was shot down on Thursday (November 1) by the executive committee of the South Carolina Democratic Party. Colbert's bid was voted down 13-3 ... Using criteria such as whether the candidate was recognized in the national news media as a legitimate candidate and whether they'd actively campaigned in the state, the committee put the kibosh on the Colbert bid.'"

Submission + - Stephen Colbert Announces (Real?) Candidacy (

_Hiro_ writes: "Stephen Colbert announced his intent for the office of President of the United States last night. He is running in the North Carolina Primaries as both a Republican and a Democrat. The only question is whether this is for real, or yet another publicity stunt by Mr. Colbert."

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