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Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 3, Insightful) 1105

I think the real debate is what the consequences are from global warming. Most skeptics I know don't doubt that we impact out world. The questions we have is how large an impact that really is and whether the earth can adapt to it (without wiping us out.)

It doesn't help that the extremest on the global warming side keep giving dire apocalyptic warnings with near timelines that keep turning out false (or not anywhere near as dire as the predictions where told to us.)

Comment Re:Sounds good. (Score 1) 614

Tea Party did not lose. Romney was never a Tea Party candidate.

Romney was a left leaning moderate (by US standards before you Europeans throw a fit,) who tried to fake being a strong conservative. As a result, he came across insincere to both the left and the right. The Tea Party folks never really trusted him - which was why turn out was lower on the republican side than in '08.

Comment Re:No-fly list should be a no fly (Score 2) 216

Bush tossed the constitution out on it's ear 9/12/01.

Good thing he's gone and it's all better. It's well past time to hold the "new" regime responsible for its own abuse.

I know you never said it wasn't Obama's fault, but when you continue to blame Bush for what Obama is doing, it helps create a cover for him.

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