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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Unable to Find iPhone Partner in Europe? (

pete314 writes: "A article claims that European mobile operators are unwilling to concede to Apple iPhone partnership demands. Several operators went as far as to say they "will never offer the iPhone." In the US Verizon has reportedly passed on the device, and AT&T is rumored to have engaged in a revenue sharing deal that includes monthly payments to Cupertino."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Yes Men Extol Vivoleum in Canada (

mdsolar writes: "The Yes Men have struck again, explaining to a gathering of oil folks in Canada that ExxonMobil has a plan B. Because fossil fuel use could lead to calamity, their new renewable product, Vivoleum, brewed from corpses, will be all the more abundant and this will keep the fuel flowing. Photos of the event are also available."

Submission + - Using OpenDNS to filter out porn sites (

An anonymous reader writes: The Washington Post has a blog entry today about use of OpenDNS to block porn sites from one's computers at home (e.g. to keep children from accidentally going the wrong place).

It is an interesting approach, one that some Corporate IT Departments might want to consider. This approach also doesn't raise broader political issues of censorship.

Data Storage

Submission + - Personal Data Backup

Machitis writes: I along with a group of close friends are considering ways to backup all of our important data, including all the normal small files, but also many gigabytes of pictures, home video, etc. We all have a lot of data and not a lot of money, so we've been considering sharing some sort of online backup solution. We would like not only to automatically backup designated files but also to have access to them from anywhere on the internet if the need arises. We've looked into some companies that offer online backup, but the ones we've looked into were either too expensive or didn't offer the features we would like to have. We've started to consider the possibility of a do-it-yourself approach, with a primary server sitting at my apartment and a secondary at another person's place that would synchronize with the primary for good data safety. Does Slashdot have any recommendations on implementation, software, services — DIY or otherwise?

Space Station Computers Partially Restored 158

Raver32 writes with the news that a partial restoration of computer control was established on the International Space Station (ISS) Thursday. Systems controlling critical elements like navigation and life-support failed on Wednesday. "Flight controllers were able to re-establish some communication with the computers overnight, with Russian engineers working Thursday to restore the rest of the system, NASA space station flight director Holly Ridings said. The U.S. space agency and Russian officials are still trying to determine the cause of a failure affecting multiple computers in the Russian network ... Since an earlier failure on Monday, thrusters on the space shuttle Atlantis have been fired periodically to help maintain the station's position. The Russian and U.S. space agencies said they could extend Atlantis's mission by one or two days to fix the problem. In the worst-case scenario, NASA said the ISS crew members -- two Russians and an American -- may be evacuated from the station."

Feed The Kapok Connection: Study Explains Rainforest Similarities (

Celebrated in Buddhist temples and cultivated for its wood and cottony fibers, the kapok tree now is upsetting an idea that biologists have clung to for decades: the notion that African and South American rainforests are similar because the continents were connected 96 million years ago.

Feed State Of Ohio Employees, You're Next Up On 'Who's Had Their Personal Data Stolen (

While companies might be leading the biggest-single-data-leak stakes, various governmental bodies are trying to make up for it in volume. On the federal level, the Veterans Administration has been leading the way, with the TSA right behind, while plenty of state governments and their contractors are getting in on the act, too. Now, in Ohio, the governor has announced that the names and Social Security numbers of 64,000 state employees are out in the wild -- after a storage device containing them was stolen from an intern's car. Yes, you read that correctly. We've wondered in the past just why people are carrying around so much personal information, but the governor claims that it was part of a "protocol intended to keep backup copies of data in case it was lost on state computer systems." Yes, apparently this protocol says that important information should be backed up on storage devices, then given to interns so they can store them in their cars for safekeeping. If you've ever given any personal information to the Ohio government, you might want to start keeping an eye on your credit report, since this is apparently its idea of security.

Feed The Boy Genius Report: T-Mobile's new Sidekicks? (

Filed under: Cellphones, Handhelds

Field tidbits from Engadget's mobile insider, The Boy Genius.

Yeah, they're just renderings, but they sure do look believable, don't they? Or maybe we just want to believe -- we can't really tell any more -- but either way, we're allegedly looking at a pair of future Sidekicks destined for Danger's favorite carrier, T-Mobile. Details are slim, but the Sidekick Slide seems to be the Motorola-sourced device we've been hearing about, considering the big, fat "M" logo to the left of the display. The one on the right is a little more mysterious considering that it's merely labeled "Sidekick," but it seems a likely candidate to succeed the 3. Whether either one of these is the oft-rumored "Zante" is unclear, but either way, it seems Danger's got its plate full for the next few months!

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