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Submission + - Vancouver area school featured in CounterStrike map (

Jabrwock writes: After multiple recent incidents of gun violence in schools, Vancouver area residents, teachers, and school administrators are concerned about reports of a CounterStrike map of Port Moody Secondary School.

The map creator (who wanted to remain anonymous) responded to concerns by writing:

"Let us start by saying Port Moody Secondary is a great school. Rest assured there is no malicious intent behind this production to any actual school property, nor any actual persons associated with the school."

While the original article's headline seems to be implying the game developers made the map, they do clarify later on in the article that the game allows users to create custom maps.

Comment Underpowered, maybe not, but deathtrap nonetheless (Score 5, Insightful) 585

As TFA states, the "deathtrap" is due to the smaller cars being smashed to a pulp when they run into a gas-guzzling behemoth. People are buying big cars not because they need them or that they like guzzling fuel. And maybe not even necessarily because the bigger cars have more "oomph". But also because "driving a tank = I'm safer, especially from other tanks on the road".

Submission + - The IBM Selectric typewriter turns 50 (

coondoggie writes: "It has been retired for 25 years but IBM will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the iconic Selectric typewriter on July 31. According to IBM the introduction of the Selectric on July 31, 1961 was seven years in the making. "With 2,800 parts, many designed from scratch, it was a major undertaking even for IBM, which had been in the typewriter business since the 1930s.""

Submission + - RCMP investigating 911 call display spoofing (

Jabrwock writes: Investigators in British Columbia are calling in cyber security experts after a hacker spoofed his phone number to trick the police into sending an ERT to surround a house in Langley, BC. The caller alleged he had killed several people and had taken hostages. A similar incident happened several days earlier in New Jersey.

Comment Re:Refund (Score 1) 664

To legally bear the HDMI logo, you need to be certified. But makers in the $2-$4 market often break the rules. Not saying that the cable won't work, but buyer beware. Don't trust the logo if it doesn't look like the HDMI association could figure out where to mail a cease-and-decist letter.

What's hilarious is demanding to the salesperson why they are selling a black-market and un-certified product. Blood drained from the face of the salesperson when I interrupted his speal with "so if this cheap one isn't certified (pointing at the HDMI logo on the package), why are you facilitating violation of trademark law?"

Comment Re:Definite answer: Normal or HighSpeed (w etherne (Score 1) 664

it is FORBIDDEN to make reference to a HDMI version number for cables

I told the sales rep at Best buy that, that there was no connector difference between 1.3 and 1.4, the difference was in the features supported by the devices. But he persisted to argue that the more expensive cable was "1.4 compatible" while the cheaper one wasn't. He even carried on when I began loudly stating how much his argument made no sense, and why.

Of course, this was the same twit who tried to convince me that gold-plating the connector makes OPTICAL cables better. ;)

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