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Comment Re:I thought they were already gone in EU (Score 1) 796

Banking in North America is so far behind Europe, it is not even funny. Quite an adaptation when I moved back to Canada.

Europe is not just one country. Here in northern France you could not survive without checks. For me, banking in Europe is 10 years behind that of the US. It is still primarily a cash and check culture here.

Comment Re:Not worth the money? (Score 2, Insightful) 253

It's a statistics and probability problem. If a device breaks, what would be the cost to have it repaired without the warranty? and what are the probabilities for the device to break between the end of base warranty and the end of extended warranty?

You don't even need to actually work out the math - it's been done for you (by the people offering the extended warranties).

Comment Re:Math fail. (Score 1) 141

Sorry but your math fails. 1 usd != 1 euro

I'm assuming you don't spend much time in Europe. It is true there is an exchange rate, and one euro can (theoretically) be traded for 1.4 dollars - but that does not hold true for consumer goods. Too much of the time if it costs $100 in the US, it will cost €100 here (although that usually does include the VAT).

As for the "europeans are idiots" bonus (1 dollar = 1 euro) from the Grandparent - that one had me laugh out loud. It is as if businesses were tired of messing with the exchange rate and just said the hell with it..


Submission + - Google Phone for Early 2010 (

addsalt writes: Apparently the Google branded cell phone is in the hands of Google employees for testing. The phone is to be manufactured by HTC and sold directly from Google (unlocked). Rumors are that this will be a GSM only phone, so no love for Verizon customers.

Comment Re:If you want privacy then don't use (Score 1) 446

Unless of course you walk around handing out cards to every single person you pass that includes your full name, city, country, gender, picture, a list of all clubs/networks, a list of all your friends and their associated full names, cities, countries, genders, pictures, clubs/networks, etc

That is exactly the difference. Most of the details of our lives are not private, but there is some security through obscurity. Once we aggregate all of the non-private details of our lives, the information begins to describe who we are better and better - which is information many people are less comfortable having no access restriction to. Even though each data point is not private does not mean that the data set cannot be.

Comment Re:This is... (Score 2, Insightful) 236

There is a large effort needed to write quality stories...a lot of calling people, driving around interviewing, checking documents etc.pp

Many people, myself included, won't favor paying for what is passing as news because the stuff above doesn't happen. If there are journalists and writers actually doing in-depth analysis, writing thought provoking stories, with relevant and accurate facts, people will pay for it. Right now, I see more of this is being done in magazines, not newspapers.

Comment Re:Not again (Score 1) 575

Faith is belief without proof.

To interject a little. Often in Christian circles, faith is described at expecting things that have not yet happened (Heb 11:1). If we use this terminology, any belief that something will happen in the future would be classified as faith.

But... if you have proof then you don't need faith. Past personal observation, history, science, math, and orbital mechanics all say that the sun will come up tomorrow. Faith is not needed.

But, it may not. You don't have proof until it happens. I can show that it came up this morning. I cannot show that it is coming up tomorrow. What you are stuck with is a prediction from the hypothesis.

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