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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 275

If GM sells you a car and throws in a year of free oil changes and tune ups, would you be a bit annoyed if during one of the oil changes they also installed a governor that prevented you from driving faster than 50 kph?

Of course that car will not need another oil change because it's going to be completely destroyed in a cataclysmic road rage accident.

Comment Re:Trust me... (Score 1) 238

"I'm a food expert, and I've seen what damage it can do... you don't want it."

Well, one of the biggest health risks in America is obesity. I guess he had to find something he could do better than us. Congrats on that I guess.

Comment More like IRC (Score 2) 51

To me, Twitter seems more like a giant IRC channel except that it requires explicit /unignore ("follow" in twitter terms) for anyone you care to actually see. Twitter posts are probably on average around a reasonable line on IRC, where bulletin boards actually allow for long in depth posts (something Twitter does not do).

At least the Judge had enough understanding to draw a somewhat reasonable parallel though.

Comment Re:convenience over quality (Score 1) 360

Yep, pretty much at least. I've found that even in video games the positional audio stuff tends to be so screwed up it is not even worth having.

I've switched to headphones (HD650) with a decent DAC / tube amp setup and now I can barely tolerate listening to anything at all on speakers. The amount of stuff you can hear with good headphones makes even a good speaker setup sound absolutely unacceptable.

I have considered even going "higher end" on audio gear, but the prices just start to get completely unreasonable beyond a certain point.


Research Data: Share Early, Share Often 138

Shipud writes "Holland was recently in the news when a psychology professor in Tilburg University was found to have committed large-scale fraud over several years. Now, another Dutch psychologist is suggesting a way to avert these sort of problems, namely by 'sharing early and sharing often,' since fraud may start with small indiscretions due to career-related pressure to publish. In Wilchert's study, he requested raw data from the authors of some 49 papers. He found that the authors' reluctance to share data was associated with 'more errors in the reporting of statistical results and with relatively weaker evidence (against the null hypothesis). The documented errors are arguably the tip of the iceberg of potential errors and biases in statistical analyses and the reporting of statistical results. It is rather disconcerting that roughly 50% of published papers in psychology contain reporting errors and that the unwillingness to share data was most pronounced when the errors concerned statistical significance.'"

Comment Re:Other alternatives? (Score 1) 334

Or at that point, just go all out and pick a BSD distro if spare hardware is on hand. Although beware that the OpenBSD version of pf has diverged slightly, so the syntax is going to be a little bit different going with anything past 4.6 IIRC. Supposedly NetBSD has the fastest IP stack of them all though, and should probably have the more classic pf.

And if anyone feels the need to chime in about iptables here, I don't care what extra useless features it has, pf is much easier to use.

Comment LiveCode | RunRev (Score 2) 392

Maybe Apple won't bring it back, but others have taken a shot at making similar products. For a while I used a tool called "Runtime Revolution" which as I understand it is very similar to what Hypercard was. Even has the same terminology like "cards" and "stacks". It was also cross platform for Win / Mac / Linux.

It looks like the company has transformed this product into something called LiveCode now.

The somewhat tricky part about programming with it is the thing is basically always running, no compile step involved, although there were buttons to halt message passing so it could basically be paused for when UI work required to UI to stop doing stuff.

Comment Re:John Carmack is a class act (Score 1) 283

I suspect that Carmack has had to fight considerably to make this happen.

Not really. Carmack has talked about how he didn't really have to fight for it, and was surprised the lawyers were even favorable about it, but expected that if patents became too big a deal he would probably be forced to stop. So apparently this one wasn't that big a deal, but there could be others lurking around that nobody is aware of yet.

Comment Re:Human civilization fail (Score 1) 283

still can't stand onboard motherboard audio after all these years

I can't stand it because it's too damn noisy. There's always a lot of noise on there, and that's even when using a card. Asus came up with some fancy high end card that looks like it has some shielding on it, but I've found the easiest way to get rid of that noise is to switch to an external box with either USB or FW interface. As soon as that signal is analogue it really needs to be away from the PC to have a fighting chance.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 272

you have to already be online in order to set the client into offline mode

This is incorrect. Disabling (or unplugging) the network connection will allow the user to set offline while launching steam. Had to do this to play something when their servers were on the fritz a few weeks ago.

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