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Comment Re:ESN (Score 1) 163

An iPhone is off when you turn it off, just like any other phone. If that wasn't the case they wouldn't be allowed on planes. If you see some story about someone getting charges while their phone was "off" it just means they don't actually know how to turn it off (hint: it's not necessarily off when the screen is black) - that or a billing error.

Comment Re:Expect more of this. (Score 2, Insightful) 608

That's because there are alternatives which are equivalent in every meaningful way. That's simply not the case for all types of software. For example there is no Linux equivalent for most Adobe products (I use Lightroom & Photoshop) - yes there is the GIMP and there are photo cataloging applications but they're not equivalent any more than Lynx is equivalent to Chrome. There's cool stuff happening in the Linux music world too, but nothing to seriously compare to the pro stuff like Ableton, Cubase, Logic, Traktor, etc.

I have nothing against Linux, I run it on several servers, but it's useless to me as a desktop environment if the third parties providing the software I use don't support it. And I realize I'm not everyone - but I am someone :)

Comment Re:Expect more of this. (Score 1) 608

It's preventing me upgrading to Win 8 from 7. Eventually staying on 7 won't be an option so I'll need to go elsewhere, basically Linux or Mac. Mac means expensive new hardware, Linux means significant issues running the software I use (Lightroom, Photoshop, Ableton, Traktor, etc etc). Neither is ideal.

Comment Re:F*cking bullshit (Score 1) 356

If anyone tried that where I work they'd be out so fast their head spun. Copying code for your own pet project at home is one thing (I still wouldn't do it, but at least the fall out is limited), but leaving your employer open to lawsuits is generally considered a bad idea.

Comment Re:Can we just have unions already? (Score 1) 288

The leadership of a union represents it's members in about the same way a government represents it's citizens - that's to say on paper, but really they're in it for themselves.

I'm a developer, my wife's a teacher. She was recently laid off, and got nothing whatsoever. How helpful were the union? They did nothing. After years of being forced to pay dues to a union she didn't even want to be a member of they were completely useless the first time she had a problem they're supposed to be there to help with.

On the other hand, I know my employer has laid people off in the last few years and they always get nice severance packages including cash, training and job seeking assistance. I earn FAR more than her, my hours are more flexible, my management is far better, and my working environment is better.

So with the unions preventing employers from firing useless people (and instead making sure it's always the person at the bottom of the totem pole who gets it - way to encourage new talent!) and actively working to prevent keen & passionate employees from going above & beyond (wouldn't want to make anyone else look bad!), and then providing no benefit whatsoever when the shit hits the fan - I'm happy to be as far away as possible.

Good riddance.

Comment Koreans (Score 2) 375

I have one of the Korean 27" screens - they seem to be generally great. I went for a slightly higher end model to get HDMI etc, and I have no dead pixels at all. I can see slight variation in the backlight when it's full white but I've seen it at least that bad on every monitor I've ever owned (costing a lot more than this). Highly recommended (and if you don't want to go the eBay route, monoprice are now rebadging these themselves!).

Comment Re:Unlikely to be discontinued altogether (Score 4, Insightful) 371

As someone who's spent significant time living in both, your belief that the US government is significantly better/different is quaint and amusing. Maybe the EU went overboard on fan guards (the new rule actually seems reasonable to me) but at least no one tells you how big your soda cup can be, or threatens to lock you up for carrying a bottle of wine in public, or crossing the street at the wrong place. Every country has their little restrictions and laws which often seem normal to those living there and batshit crazy to everyone else. C'est la vie :)

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