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Comment its not a roadblock (Score 5, Insightful) 732

to any sort of cash-free economy. this is a roadblock to multinational financial institutions continuing to exercise carte-blance restraint in the way they charge fees for their services. A cash free economy and a privately controlled electronic banking system are two different things.

can we bite the bullet and conclude that electronic transfers and card based transactions are so ubiquitous as to become a right of the people? Grow some balls, amend a few laws, and lets make a national payment card system that works with our existing currency and doesnt require some per-swipe "fee" to pay for a server to connect to a database and decrement an integer over SSL.

Comment blasts an (Score 3, Insightful) 118

upcoming film depicting wikileaks

I have bad news, but films are designed to sell advertising, tickets, and concessions food in that order. you dont achieve all these things by making an accurate depiction of a subject matter, you sensationalize it. among other things patently false in several other films:
1. Abraham lincoln, neither vampire hunter nor martial arts expert
2. transformers: cars do not in fact transform into killer robots.
3. Jurrasic park: while UNIX is in fact quite useful in the administration of automated SCADA systems, no such systems have been constructed to date for the express purpose of housing genetically cloned dinosaurs, which also do not exist.
4. zero dark thirty: "terror" is in fact not something a nation can declare war on or successfully claimed to have emerged the victor from.

Comment im not sure (Score 1) 65

blood really even makes much of a difference in arena games anymore. specular effects, sparkles, and explosions to me are far more fun than decorating the walls with blood, and im 30. warsaw and world of padman being my favourites.
call of madden/modern warfare franchises make use of it as a point of realism, so i like to think they get the point across: war is hell.

Comment the installer (Score 1) 458

and the almost jackboot militancy with which one is forced into either Gnome or KDE was my primary impetus for leaving Fedora. Sure, gentoo might require a bit more patience and understanding but linux has always been about knowledge and power. in the words of Tonnerre Lombard:

"if you believe in the principles behind UNIX and Open Source, please don't write software which requires any of the Gnome/KDE and DBus API. Writing X11 programs with xcb and proper RPC APIs like SUNRPC or Thrift should be more than good enough. "

Comment china has had (Score -1, Troll) 125

a nuclear deterrent since 1964. If i had to ball park the exact number of chinese switches at Los Alamos id say somewhere between 'all of them' and 'every switch ever purchased and used in los alamos.'
globalization is the schizophrenic perspective that you can somehow demonize politically and patronize economically a foreign nation. according to congresses 'draft'

Based on available classified and unclassified information, Huawei and ZTE cannot be trusted to be free of foreign state influence and thus pose a security threat to the United States and to our systems

This, coming from a nation that once rigged Zerox machines to covertly capture soviet documents, and rigged a SCADA controller to turn a gas pipeline into a 3 kiloton bomb in siberia.
if i had to guess, id say congress decided to piss in the Huawei/ZTE pool after it decided not to basically fold like a chair when negotiating international trade in americas favor.
we've slung every piece of shit we can at Huawei, from corporate espionage to 'links to the taliban' and even the fact that one of its executives used to serve in the PLA. Its as though congress is willing to claw its own eyes out if it doesnt get a new war every 4 years.

Comment If John could be so kind as to (Score 3, Interesting) 275

explain how he sidestepped a murder charge from a soverign nation and has since remained unaccountable as to the history of his seventeen year old female companion and alleged methamphetamine production operation, I believe slashdot can finally put "the amazing adventures of John McAfee" back on the bookshelf.

There is nothing about this entire series of unfortunate events that shouldnt warrant immediate extradition to Belize, where he can face his accusors in a court of law and presumably vindicate himself. Otherwise this is an indignant millionaires whitewash campaign to secure his innocence through astroturf and puffery. Unfortunately Mr McAfee wasnt found accused of these crimes in say, the Soviet Union or China, both countries willing to mail a dead millionaire back to his respective embassy for nothing short of a Benny-Hill approach to their criminal justice system.

Comment we've had american (Score 1) 134

sake for quite some time, its brewed in california by Takara Sake. Brands like Sho Chiku Bai and Takara Sierra rival the best imported brands from japan on a consistent basis. Their Nigori sake is an accurate and high quality representation for example. Color me skeptical but having experienced texans attempt at bourbon whiskey, and 'lone star' beer, i am not very excited to see their tenuous jaunt into sake.

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