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Comment the oddly appropriate laughter. (Score 1) 110

in a world that doles four billion to pinterest and snapchat, laughter at the death of an obscure genius seems like something of an expectation.

oh wait. no it doesnt.

christ god forbid you so much as crack a grin at the euology of Steve Fucking Jobs. unless you're joking about the presenters elocution during the pronunciation of aluminum.

Comment then tor clearly wasnt used correctly. (Score 0) 547

so we have the relevant paragraph extracted from the PDF

Harvard University was able to determine that, in the several hours leading up to the receipt of the e-mail messages described above, ELDO KIM accessed TOR using Harvard's wireless network.

which means one of a few things.
1. begin the witch hunt. anything that coincidentally happened to access TOR be it a botnet infected laptop or a freshman at a bus stop is now suspect for everything from the bombing of the USS cole to the assassination of president Lincoln. The government gets its boogeyman and Harvard gets its scapegoat for an occurance that happens across countless colleges every year, but means something only because its inconvenienced the children of the cloistered elite.
2. Harvards wireless is more than it seems. Terms and conditions, network traffic, as well as any requisite clients or software installed should be subject to analysis and investigation by students and staff. greyhat and blackhat alike should find this system of access points intriguing if only for the aformentioned quote.
in my opinion its probably the latter. students and faculty should cast serious suspicion on the part of Harvards network. an independent investigation into the nature of its operation needs to be conducted and any nefarious evesdroppers exposed. If nothing is found then its a clear case of parents with more brass than sense out for blood.

Comment this would never catch on in america. (Score 1) 606

Amazon fulfillment centers in america routinely make workers stand in unpaid lines for security checks as they exit. Wages in the states would never appropach our own livable $15 thanks to a patchwork system of labor laws and tax incentives pushed through by gerrymandered republican political districts under the guise of job creation.

if you mandate health insurance for full time employees, all the employees will be made part time.

if you mandate OSHA regulations and safe work environments, employers will just pay their political lackey to chisel the agency down to nothing at the state level.

if you complain about the workplace, the squeekiest wheel will be terminated without cause.

if you finally get tired of your employers jackboot, they'll complain about how rudely you brought their insolence to the public limelight, instead of burying your remorse and misery in their complaint department rubbish bin.

state-by-state corporate legislation works about as well as state-by-state marriage legislation.

Comment not news for nerds (Score 3, Interesting) 356

arguably not even stuff that matters. Most major banks fought repaying debts to the government under TARP, but lost. There is no reason to think GM would be so bold as to think they could get away with it. The real story, if any to be attributed, is that GM thinks raising a stink about this isnt likely to affect their public image or piss off the cloistered elite.

Lemon socialism, the willful and intentional bailout of free market capitalist corporations at the expense of regular citizens, is something for which most americans have a seething distate but thats largely been ignored by the plutocracy. when it cant be shrouded from limelight, the rich funnel cash to the rich to convince the everyman that somehow poor people are a larger financial and social demon than the plethora of warbucks and moneysworths that strongarmed our leadership into writing off their willfull ignorance and criminal disregard for society outside their inculcated elite. GM does great disservice to this veil by hauling from the grave these hastily rested memories.

when GM dog-eared its pockets in front of congress they were so displaced from how americans lived it took them two tries to get their sad-face and beggary right. they frustratedly plodded off their leer-jets and said goodbye to their inflight perignon as americans collectively cried WTF. They foresook their ferarris and told the driver instead to pilot an american SUV to the whitehouse in lieu of the Rolls Ghost to which all were accustomed. this to them was the equivalent of donning a shoeshine boys flatcap for an afternoon as they arrived still clad in a regality most americans would struggle to even approach. 'pay up of they all starve' they said, and pay up the government did. Through TARP and cash for clunkers and rebates innumerable the united states automotive industry received the largest bailout in history and for its efforts was rewarded with another eight years to kick its heels onto its mahogany desk while real innovators like Tesla were demonized at their behest for loans they legitimately worked to earn. Outflanked by foreign competetors, again, GM brokered deals with Nissan and Toyota to secure token technologies that customers wanted like hybrid or all electric systems but were rebuffed by a market that largely found an affordable and reliable solution elsewhere. They secured a token few volt owners; the battery powered equivalent of a diesel train. They buried the Aspine hybrid, the very same vehicle which executives traveled to congress, and instead invested in platforms designed in europe and brazil for the small efficient reliable vehicles they were incapable of producing domestically.

so for GM to suggest they shouldnt pay back a part of a loan, while no different than any other industry, should be remembered as the day when the pot-bellied cousin of the elite dared to bring up its uncles marriage counseling.

Comment Re:s/snowden/political dissent (Score 2) 453

Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political, religious, or idealogical aims.

Forceful demand i suppose is as best i can codify the use of force or violence in the achievement of ones demands. I thnk you're assigning the cowardly and quite state sanctioned boilerplate of 9/11 to avoid unpopular criticism of a world power, which is also my point.. Patriotism is for the lonely.
political, religious, and ideological aims in many cases of terrorism were entirely reasonable (the founding of the united states was based on a religious demand), but ignored for so long as to incense their champions to determination without willful regard for loss. to back someone into a corner, to imbue them with 'nothing to lose' and the resolve to achieve is the point im making. that "terrorism" was their only recourse is to show how blind and purposelessly autocratic our government is.
No one is arguing with you that senseless violence and death is wrong, but to say that an exploited and marginalized caste of foreign nationals can be for their crimes met by a declaration of war, is as bombastic as insisting a kitchen roach infestation must be met by razing the house and salting the earth.

My point is that we meet this type of incursion with the maximum force because it undermines our plutocracy if we do not, and to approach an alternative foreign policy from a symbiotic perspective simply isnt a perogative of the ruling class at this time.

Comment im sure the research conversation was titilating (Score 1) 216

Dr. Random: well team, have we finished research on the perfluorotributylamine samples yet?
gradstudent slave: yes and its a tremendously important chemical Dr. Random, have you read our summary?
Dr. Random: says here this is an incredibly powerful greenhouse gas...oh dear lord.....this means..
gradstudent slave: we need to alert the world in a peer reviewed open access journal without a moment to lose?!
Dr. Random: no...tell no one....this is the end of toques and tire chains as we know it!

Comment so what if we ruled in favour? (Score 1) 370

1. giving a chimp personhood status would simply galvanize the deep south to further refute and disregard the theory of evolution. everything from parking meters to toilet seats at countless courthouses would be etched with the 10 commandments. obama earns another 40 cities he cant visit without staying in the car, and a grumbly subset of abortion doctors just put on another layer of body armor.
2. im sure more than one pet foods company and pharmaceutical conglomerate would be a bit furious at the prospect of having to pump more cash into IT to purchase machines to simulate their drug interactions and metabolic research, but IT would finally be able to afford that Killer Instinct arcade game on Ebay.
3. professor Random's intern would have to update her facebook status to 'removing 124 tubes from each monkey this weekend, FML'
4. courts would open a pandoras box of steaming culture war shit about personhood. everything from human emrbyos, zygotes, and electrons surrounding the lint clinging to the hair on a human testicle would be demanded status as a person. shaving a landing strip into my naughty bits turns into a 10 year prison sentence and every time my kid smacks her head on the playground i get to pick up trash on the highway.
5. we cant have another reboot of planet of the apes, because now its just a documenary about some bigoted astronaut with a superiority compelex and anger management issues.

Comment s/snowden/political dissent (Score 3, Insightful) 453

governments in general dont need to care about what particular policy or procedure to which one may object or find questionable. random crackdowns like this one on dissent are designed to impart a chilling effect that would discourage any challenge to a plutocratic united states governing policy. The take-home lesson of this hardship the government wishes you to embrace is that questioning the war on terror, its means or its methods, is absolutely forbidden.

but why? in america heart disease, obesity, cancer, and car accidents kill more people by the day than terrorism has ever aspired to. but these afformentioned blights on american society can be explained away by freedom to consume, the capitalist healthcare and societal model, and the idea of personal responsibility; none of which pose a threat to the government. Terrorism is the forceful demand of very reasonable requests that have been iterated thousands of times over the past fifty years to a deaf audience of american plutocrats. people forget that Osama Bin Laden had rather reasonable requests of our foreign policy that were familiar, even embraced by a number of americans seeking to reduce foreign spending, but entirely ignored by our empire: Namely to leave Saudi Arabia, withdraw from Iraq, and withdraw support from Israel.

The occupy protests are another fine example. it would have cost nothing to begin engaging protestors in constructive dialog and working to mitigate their grievances. We could have helped ensure the disenfranchised among them had a voice in the decision making process of their elected government and emerged championing the american way. Instead they were systematically targeted and demonized by media, their message marginalized and obfuscated. the protestors were arrested, beaten and some killed. free speech areas were closed and voraceously defended from protestors. A new I-Phone came out and as intended, america changed the channel.

many will see that in america, "protests arent allowed to go on forever" and this is true for a number of reasons. grass is trampled, sidewalks are congested and eventually the government grows tired. but like every government we demonize around the world, our leaders laud the idea that protests are not allowed to go on forever. That if they can control the media outcome of the event, they stymy the calcification of resolve and interest in the protest and never have to do anything more than continue with business as usual. Protests in america are as genuine and lawful as protests in china in many respects, because instead of addressing fundamental failures of north american capitalism ad foreign policy we patch over the cracks with arrest warrants and detention camps. Its the reason protests at presidential inaugurations do not take place anywhere near the inauguration, and why Occupy new york does so nowhere near Wall Street.

Comment and the rest of immigration? (Score 1) 114

My personal opinion is that gaming can in fact be a sport, Much as foreign chess players can secure this type of visa when playing in america, im sure pundits will laud this as a spurious visa ($criticism=Obama->new($issue)). Yet taking a moment to play Starcraft II on its normal setting one arrives at a determined sense of exactly how challenging this game can be. A real opponent competing in a tournament can, and does, easily outmatch the AI for the game even on its most brutal setting. Anything more than normal is enough to send the commenter to therapy.

Being an american though, I cant help but draw a contrast between the E3 visa and profesisonal sports visas in the context of traditionalist argument. the E3 applies to skilled labour, yet if you were to give one to a roofing contractor who spends 12 hours a day shingling a home or 9 hours fitting pipe in a rural texas ranch home it would draw the same criticism. is for this type of criticism the e3 prohibits "seasonal" labour like homebuilding. Although the class 3 visa is extended to foreign profesisonals it in no way reflects the tenacity and challenge faced by labour in a decidedly lower social and capital class. it also neglects to inform the reader that most 'seasonal' labor is in fact performed in regions with no discernable season such as new mexico, texas, or arizona. Much like the Starcraft gamer has his sports caste, so does the immigrant laborer have his employment caste.

Comment well of course there are definitions (Score 5, Funny) 192

Dangerous: Violent:: "your son violently thrust production executives and C-levels into a state of abject povery by freely distributing material from poor artists who hadnt the chance to sign up with a label. As a result these suffering destitute former billionaires are reduced to driving a mercedes and eating domestic caviar."
Aggressive: "Your son aggressively refused to roll over and die when we attacked and litigated his userbase, his family, his friends and his civil rights. He was incomprehensively aggressive in opposing our bribery and extortion of his regional and local government officials in our pursuit of the definition of truth and justice"

so you see ma'am, hes clearly a threat

"what he said but hes also a terrorist and he killed two cats that were about to make the kids laugh out loud."

Comment right in the childhood. (Score 4, Interesting) 225

sit down kids, the old mans about to tell a story.
Doom, the game, meant so much more than any bejewel clicking farmville grinding facebook gaming ass-scratching fruit-ninja with a bird in a slingshot can ever hope to understand; but you can learn to.
it was 20 years ago that I sat in a dark bedroom beset with mountain dew and doritos, the boomy din of Nine Inch Nails churning away as I poured through the WAD file editor on a sunny saturday afternoon and a smirk on my face knowing the level I uploaded to the BBS that evening would be a work of art. It was designs for floors and trap doors and creative new weapons that filled my 3 ring binder during gym class and on the bus ride home I'd power through 30 minutes of the most unforgiving motion sickness in the tri-county area thinking about new places to stick a cacodaemon or a pain elemental. Doom was my respite, but it was also my temple. the days torment and teasing in school meant nothing once i heard the first few notes of the devils tri-tone main-screen theme and laid eyes on 'doom guy.' Network modem multiplayer and the joy of a friends new map, or the hillarity of a deathmatch laiden with machine gun rocket launchers of our own devise were the the epitomy of my childhood. Dooms wad editing frenzy pushed me into computer programming despite all odds. Six years later the mere act of playing doom was enough to send parents scrambling for body armor and in my case, suspended me for a week thanks to my inability to stop talking about Doom 2's shotguns and their modifications in school after the Columbine Massacre revealed its duo played the dreaded game.

Doom was analogous to who i was as a child. one lone guy trying to get past an ocean of seemingly endless torment and assault if only to make it to the next level where despite the horror of it all I still tried as best i could to beat the records and discover everything i could.

now go. buy a copy of doom and start knee deep in the dead as so many of us have, and *sniff* .....get off my lawn.

Comment its worth noting, but not in america (Score 2) 151 uses Disqus, although im not certain the merit of pin-pointing racists, xenophobes and homophobes in america. people like Rick Santorum and Steve King can and do go around bashing gays and muslims respectively with little social repercussion. Pamela Geller basically makes a career out of muslim bashing. Alaskas Don Young refers to south american and central american immigrants exclusively as wetbacks in his commentary on radio stations, and a sizeable number of our southern politicians have been card-carrying members of the KKK.

yet freedom of speech gets a good stretch here in america when its true definition was essentially political. In america, the first amendment guarantees your vocal objection to the agricultural policy of tom vilchek cannot result in riot police kicking in your door at 4 in the morning and beating you with riot batons in the street for your dissenting opinion. the freedom of religion granted us the right to organize against the government at a social level, as to deject the church in its occupation as a station of the government was in england considered nearly treasonous.

Comment we should understand why we have these (Score 4, Insightful) 180

smart cars, connected cars that is, are regular cars with more gadgets and gizmos. cars that check email, report weather, play pandora and such are a recent development of course, and not one i may add that many drivers care for. Some argue they exist as a marketing effort to spur millenials to purchase automobiles. As a millenial myself, and one with an automobile that gladly interfaces with my phone to play pandora radio, I can confirm the marketing effort is misplaced.
what executives and marketing C-levels dont understand is that boomers drove because it was still fun. gas was inexpensive, income was plentiful to afford a car and its upkeep, and the novelty of road trips was still something most americans found fascinating and entertaining. Gen Xers piled their kids into SUV's for the ego stroke and gas, while not expensive, was still relatively affordable but something else changed. Traffic was becoming universally abhorrent. the much adored culdesac street planning mandate from the sixties had snarled it for miles and government budgets began to resemble holocaust victims to such a degree that potholes capable of puncturing a tire became commonplace on most commutes. the Xers responded by buying larger SUV's like the H2 and turning up the 20 speaker stereo to drown out the din of the crumbling pavement on their way to the cube farm.

fast forward to the millenials of today. the economic collapse of 2008 has caused most governments to send their highway planning divisions packing as their budgets turn tits up. highways and byways now look more like Reuters photos of bombed out occupied zones. Gasoline is so expensive as to make a road trip a punchline, and traffic congestion models the zombie apocalypse flicks we've glued ourselves to for the last 5 years. whats worse is most of the millenials you see today are falling apart under the weight of their college loans and an average wage thats declined precipitously for 30 years under the guise of free market capitalism. "a new car" for most millenials is a used SUV from a gen-Xer who just had to sell it to make the mortgage gestapo leave them alone for another week. factoring its voraceous appetite for gas, its high mileage, and its mad-max driver, all we've scored is a time-bomb with eddie bauer seats. So lets address the C-levels want to sell us a new, tiny car with lots of gizmos and great gas mileage for less than 20k and while we applaud the offering we still can barely afford, the roads still suck and the insurance is only slightly less expensive than our education loans. Thank you no, the idea smacks of stupidity.

I can take the bus for a fraction of the cost of owning a car. I dont care if it takes 45 minutes because I have a smart phone, or tablet. im connected to all my friends, including the one im going to meet up with for drinks and dinner. my phone will warn me about making my stop, and let me recharge the fare on my card while i leave the driving to a competent, qualified and much more seasoned bus driver. i dont have to pay insurance, worry about parking, fret about the cost of gas, or earn a ticket for speeding

to put it quite simply: stop trying to sell me a $30,000 iphone case with wheels.

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