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Comment tragic lack of prevention (Score 1, Insightful) 923

the punishment is certainly dire, but mexicos lack of preventative efforts should be called into question. Was the vehicle marked as carrying radioactive cargo? why was there a layover of such dangerous material? were there warnings in multiple languages? pictographs from local health and safety agencies are surely readily available. the GHS is surely used in Mexico
two people are dead and numerous others exposed because they either did not know what the truck contained, or could not read the ample warnings. Mexico has a 93% literacy rate. there is no excuse for this accident.

Comment hey guys lets go easy on them (Score 1) 225

because if they all end up with 15 year sentences, people might start asking why we're such a sensitive target thats so dangerous to attack. it might draw more attention to our business practices and confidential information. our own employees might become sympathetic, nay, might start 'leaking' information on how we skirt banking regulations and use our market dominance to arbitrarily freeze funds or hold 30% of transactions for 90 days, or how we refuse to pay bug bounties and lock out entire countries without explanation.

so if we could just stop over-reacting to this silly hacktivism and just go about our business that would be swell.

Comment how much longer is this going to be a thing? (Score 1) 121

for 20 years now the internet has been increasingly about 'free $X for some privacy" and its a model we've all gladly accepted and the concerned hackers among us protested. the cost of hosting and the cost of engineering are oft cited reasons to employ this deep-dive marketing horseshit but for some of us, the salary alone seems to suggest hosting and marketing online are trivially inexpensive. So sure, if you want me to use your service how about I attach a condition. You can have some of my privacy, if your C-levels and marketing nutjobs enjoy a little social engineering. And once some money grubbing bentley driving suit's license plate or back yard or in home conversation courtesy of a laser microphone turn up in a tumblr feed, then we're fucking even.

Comment theres a big variable missing (Score 1) 241

No one takes this into account in america because for some reason taking into account the fundamental failures of unbridled consumer capitalism is a "bad thing"
the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act committed $7.77 trillion to rescuing the financial system, more than half the value of everything produced in the U.S. in 2009. You dont get to pump that much money into your economy and violate the good faith and principal of an open exchange system of capital and investment without serious repercussions. youve altered the system on a fundamental level that should render nearly every analyst suspect in their evaluation or prediction of it. at best, what we have is a run-flat tire posing as an economy. at worst, nearly every performance metric and return at any exchange level is completely without genuine meaning, no better than a fraudulent lottery ticket.

Comment they're not geeks, theyre assholes. (Score 1, Insightful) 730

let me list off a few of the more cherished past times of monarchial rule...just for a kinds reference.

1. Blasphemy: as a law the crown can and does have you executed for everything from a simple expletive to your atheism or lack of church attendance. Criticism of the monarchy, as exemplified in thailand, is very punishable by death.
2. Grinding poverty and inequality: Monarchial rule begets serfdom and a midevil class structure. furthermore that class is infected upon your name for generations. Kings decide what you can and cannot eat with hunting laws, and who you can and cannot marry by proxy of the church. in the past, even certain hats and colors were banned by monarchies.
3. forced rule: In an absolute monarchy, the monarch rules as an autocrat, with absolute power over the state and government. If you want to see what this is like, visit North Korea.

Curtis Yarvin, the prominent neoreactionary mentioned in the piece, is a Libertarian. as are Hoppe and Seller.

Neoreactionaries believe 'The Cathedral,' is a meta-institution that consists largely of Harvard and other Ivy League schools, The New York Times and various civil servants. Anissimov calls it a 'self-organizing consensus.' Sometimes the term is used synonymously with political correctness. The fundamental idea is that the Cathedral regulates our discussions enforces a set of norms as to what sorts of ideas are acceptable and how we view history â" it controls the Overton window, in other words.

This is just a comedic recasting of a Fox news script. Rail against the intellectual elite, lambast the media for their liberal bias, and bitch relentlessly about how Political Correctness is destroying society by repressing dicks like John Derbyshire and every other techbro and brogrammer barking 'dyke' and 'cunt' at the first woman to correct their segfault. Its angry white men that think somehow because they write python or understand linux they have a carte blanche to grind their axe about everything from the taxes they pay to the horrors of enduring their multicultural workplace.

Comment utter hypocrisy (Score 3, Insightful) 109

'This program will go a long way to not only providing these guys with jobs, but it is my hope that they hire people like them who have changed their lives and are now ready to contribute to society, pay taxes, follow the law, support their families,'

Why didn't the milktoast suburbanites of san jose (silicon valley) and surrounding cities do this earlier, say before any of these candidate hires were charged or convicted with a crime? We're forgetting this and many other communities in california were the same ones who decided 3 strikes was a great idea to curb crime. that building prison repositories for nonviolent drug offenders was an easy way to pocket some private prison cash and rid the streets of low income minorities who were supporting their families and paying their taxes as best they could, until you criminalized their very existence. The program fails to take into account the lack of unskilled employment for people who certainly arent going to qualify for a position at google, but perhaps they used to be a good welder or carpenter. the program exists largely as an exercise in the psychology of guilt. the job education also doesnt take into account what being an inmate means in California or other states. It means you emerge with your housing and apartment applications categorically denied because you served time. It also means those nice companies that taught you cobol on your worst days, wouldnt so much as talk to you on the street on your best. you are a branded felon. no matter how much Java you learned you're faced with a system that endorses and accepts the wholesale shunning of an entire class of people from the employment system.

Comment heres how that cage match comes out (Score 4, Interesting) 141

imagine a room full of angry hitmen.
Puppet: plans to beat you to death, but when his arm gets tired he cant switch to the other arm. instead he grabs a box of markers and proceeds to write an angry letter on your face.
Chef: is competent enough to kill you in your sleep, knows everything about you and can even draft random passerby for practice. Shes spending the next 2 months assembling a rifle for each possible scenario she may find you in, and redefining some of the most effective murder/homicides in history so they work just for you.
Ansible: A nice killer in a business suit that will probably smother you and dispose of your corpse in an entirely predictable way. The 'Murder She Wrote' of configuration management, she'll win an oscar once you're dead.
Salt:as of this writing, salt last killed 54 days ago and currently stands as the less-than-well-known of your potential murderers. Salt has pretty good ideas on how you should die...its just puppet has been maiming folks for way longer and chef's gotten so popular that people cant walk through the streets without hearing someone gloat about how wonderfully she kills. Salt has a manifesto and a pretty sizeable arsenal...someone just needs to send a contract over, or a phonecall, or whatever it is chef does when she gets to murder folks.

Comment countermeasure: seek the low score (Score 2) 136

Telesign pulls where the phones were registered and who provides the service. The older an account is, the better. And if the number shows up as attached to legitimate accounts with companies, apps, and websites to which Telesign provides services, thatâ(TM)s a good thing. Having a newly-opened account results in a lower score, or using a less-well known carrier, or having a number thatâ(TM)s not registered with some of the customers for which this company does two-factor authentication.

this is all vital information I'll take into consideration. I'm clearly going to switch to cricket mobile, and refuse to use call-to-verify services. because if youre going to maintain a clandestine or "closed" as you call it network of telephone activity used by corporations to target and analyze me as a consumer, I'd like to ensure I rank right around anders brevik and james holmes. I want this ranking, because the companies that need to stalk my every waking moment in search of a need, want, or urge to exploit are the kinds of companies that should be razed to the ground. they dont offer a product or service anyone needs, much like you. rather, they are a font of predatory behavior that in any other walk of life, government or private, would absolutely not be tolerated.

Comment its not about your risk, its about their profit. (Score 1) 567

this has never been about offering discounts. The monitoring technology is used as a statistical predictor of quarterly profits vs loss and helps drive the overall cost of insurance, not your discounts. the 15% discount, a maximum you can earn with the progressive program, is a $150 discount on a thousand dollar per year policy that still puts full-coverage insurance far outside the realm of the average 18 year old. many 18 year olds pay significantly more than this.

As a gay man having recently moved to the midwest from a major metropolitan area, I can attest that no such monitoring system will ever help me. because its illegal for me to get married, I pay more insurance despite having a 10 year clean record of driving. In my larger city I used zipcars for longer trips, purchasing their insurance when required. This constitutes, in every insurance provider ive checked, a policy increase for not having maintained insurance. thats right, i get a penalty for not consuming a product consistently enough. all this for the privilege of any event of an accident, in which ill pay the deductible out of pocket and wait for reimbursement because thats how insurance works if youd like your personal transportation out of the shop. Subrogation, the humiliating process of waiting for your expenses to be reimbursed, can take years.

do yourself a favour, if you want lower insurance drive a smaller or older automobile. something within the past 10 years isnt likely to break down with regular maintenance. It also allows you to come to grips with reality. Regardless of make model or features, driving in a car in the 21st century sucks. traffic is dismal, road etiquitte is nonexistent, your operating costs are also proportional to the vehicles pedigree, and you open the door for a world of new expenses like parking tickets, towing fees, and hungry meters. Stop waiting for some mega corporation to offer a discount for loyalty or a pittance for the invasion of your privacy.

Comment A few issues need to be addressed. (Score 2) 281

1. before lyrics sites, listeners simply didnt have access to much of the lyrical content of the music they were exposed to. industry cronies like the RIAA didnt give a shit if the poetic art of a song was conveyed legibly or eloquently; the tipper sticker is still at their discretion and used liberally to bump or kill a song or artists popularity. These lyrics sites stepped up and helped promote artists directly by engaging their listeners with informative and open information in most cases as to the content of a song, not just the sound of it. lyrics sites had forums dedicated to the meanings of songs as well as where to purchase them. As a parent, you appreciated these sites because it let you enforce or relax certain censorships against your child without having to resort to a vague and condescending sticker on the tin which of course, is not present on mp3s.

2. litigation cannot stop the internet much as cloistered catholic monks could not stop the spread of literacy. many lyrics sites will go dark to avoid litigation, but one can reasonably expect the site owners have an absolute plethora of other names and domains they can fall back on. Remember, the music industry trade association in question isnt proposing a solution to the problem of the lack of song lyrics in popular culture, theyre just enforcing trade and copyright at the behest of their stakeholders. lyric databases can be created and dissemenated across tor or through magnet links in bittorrent if need be.

3. a smaller point but the university of georgia's music industry shill happens to be david lowery:
David is a musician famous mostly for the song 'low.' as far as most are concerned hes a relatively one hit wonder. so Yet another internationally renowned, nationally proven and locally beloved music figure has joined the staff this semester, and heâ(TM)s no slouch next to the other big names already there. 2 years later he just so happens to work on a project to help litigate lyric sites? it feels like the university of georgia might be a 'stacked deck' in this case used to justify litigation under the guise of academic research. Seeing as hes not published and his algorythm as well as its findings lack peer review outside a multi million dollar industry litigation agency, if he really is the researcher then we've got problems. if hwoever hes just a semester instructor,
then id like to know the engineer or scientist and see more of their work.

IMHO, lowery has an axe to grind and is being used nicely by the industry to grind it (Metallica anyone?) hes not a top 10 for any label, so if this one fails theres no chance we lose a major investment...after all this is a guy on his blog who equates playing low-budget venues with serving in iraq
hes also posted tabs and lyrics to the songs from his band, Cracker. now correct me if im wrong, but your label owns that song. they own the tabs, they own the melody, they own your stage presence and likeness.
if Sony or the RIAA took any of this seriously, that is protecting what you signed away as their intellectual property, you could find yourself on the shortlist of 'undesireable' sites.

Comment thats a relief. (Score 1) 256

for a minute there I thought america was the only country that invented a secret court to grant secret warrants to undisclosed agencies seeking to wiretap undisclosed targets.
turns out now that everything you did to slashdot is "legal" we can move on to more pressing issues like when are we getting more Doctor Who? I feel like personally thats the only way i could ever call the whole 'we have no respect for the internet' thing squaresies

Comment easy and shady solution (Score 2) 100

start reporting your employees as independent contractors. Not only do you get to injur and maim people without any repercussions, but you can hire illegal immigrants and not face any of the state-by-state penalties for doing so. Wal-Mart does this routinely with its cleaning crews.

the fact is OSHA has been a toothless entity for a decade or so anyhow. states like texas and georgia barely have one, and when it enforces violations they typically become 'corrective action taken' events instead of cash out of pocket citations.

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