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Comment in a word: screwed. (Score 4, Insightful) 57

3d systems, the patent holder for both the process and the hardware that in fact realizes the process, has been doing this since 1986. their polymer, conveniently termed a "resin" on the Form 1 website, seems like nothing more than a creative attempt at skirting patent law. Looking at the 3d systems CubeX or ProJet 1000, the Form1 is the fucking definition of knock-off.
3d printers funded by a kickstarter make for your traditional slashdot-du-jour, but after the litigation dont expect Formlabs to be able to release their product for anything less than what a 3d systems entry-level model should cost. best to save your money go for a Mendel.

Comment lets just update this for brevity. (Score 0) 229

Obama's current->plan() || current->legislation() Face(s) Long Fight

Everything from gun legislation after massive shooting sprees to just keeping the government fucking running has been next to impossible for this guy. Instead, you can thank the party of no for making sure we reaffirm 'in god we trust' and try to repeal healthcare reform 33 times. because thats way more important.

Comment but..why? (Score 1) 377

the range on a model S is ~205 miles, if you go for the top of the line its 265 miles. shouldnt this meet the needs of most drivers? i mean who drives more than 200 miles per day other than a CDL holder?

I think tesla is working like hell to dispel negative publicity surrounding the vehicle. Top Gear didnt do them any favours and the guys at the New York Times basically tried their damnedest to put it on a wrecker and make a story.
I also think the unspoken issue is the same as with a regular car: responsibility. If you want to drive on a quarter tank the entire week, floor it at every intersection and consistently violate the speed limit then so be it, but stop relying on a gas station on every corner to come to the rescue so you can keep treating your car like a toy.
disclosure: im a motorcyclist, so responsibility and range for me personally are something i dont just get to ignore without serious repercussions.

Comment $location is the new silicon valley (Score 1) 243

I hate to see politicians toss this phrase around. Silicon Valley is not just a place with a bunch of nerds working in an internet factory, its an ecosystem of cultural diversity built around technology, art and science. I understand everyone wants a slice of the Tech pie, but New Yorks industry centers on finance. everything im looking at is "large financial firm", none of the startups or 3d printers in tfs. Whining about long term leases making it difficult for your city to be next->siliconvalley() is lik whining about the space under your desk being so insufficient as to preclude you from rewriting the linux kernel.

Comment following in the footsteps of giants. (Score 1) 126

the US did this during the occupy protests. to their credit, it was a largely successful means of quelling civil unrest in New York, preventing unrest in other cities, and downplaying the message that the united states class is a lemon socialism designed to perpetuate a class stratification of the rich and the rest of us.

Comment not to sound picky (Score 4, Informative) 96

im not sure how best to phrase this, but its not a quantum computer in the absolute sense. Its more of a computer in a quantum state that acts as an annealer. all it does is find the global minimum of a given objective function over a given set of candidate solutions. companies that buy it should at least be given full disclosure that its basically a ten million dollar math where depending upon the solver and the equation, mileage may seriously vary. traditional computing has been conjectured to be, at the cost of the D-Wave, not only faster but cheaper.

Comment down the rabbit hole we go (Score 5, Funny) 154

other nefarious and dastardly plots these brave attorneys have uncovered:
1. an image search for 'boobies' using google image search can and will display, actual breasts.
2. Google translate can and will translate nearly a dozen highly offensive english words into any of more than 20 different languages.
3. a youtube search for 'collateral murder' will produce a video of american soldiers murdering journalists in iraq.
4. Google searches for the phrases "edward snowden" or "Julian Assange" provides shockingly inappropriate, unbiased information pertaining to united states foreign and domestic policy.
5. despite dire and repeated warnings by their trustworthy IT staff, google will in fact let you google the word 'google' without any safeguard for the catastrophic consequences that ensue.
6. despite providing readily available search results for filthy pill junkies, google search raises the ire of attorneys around the globe as it fails to provide a reliable and affordable source of high quality pure columbian cocaine for todays savvy litigators and high powered firms.

Comment this is quite different (Score 4, Funny) 98

than the NSA scandal currently sweeping the states. You see, India is under constant threat of terror attacks from surrounding nations and rogue militants that hate its freedom. in order to combat them india needs a system like this, and despite its concerning appearance poses no threat to law abiding citizens. Im sure if you ask anyone involved they can confirm it has already stopped numerous terror attacks.

the United states under

The difference is we told a newspaper. so thats different. also, if you took the time to read the article, this surveillance system is in India, and not in America. so that too is a different thing that makes this not the same. Also we dont call it the NSA.

Comment the model is broken, but the machine still moves. (Score 4, Insightful) 168

you cant destroy the pirate bay by simply arresting its founders, or any other torrent tracking system for that matter. its ludicrous.
the internet as a system and community enacts a sort of triage when this happens, and its geometrically faster than the litigation the **aa tends to favour.
One could argue rather convincingly that the advent of the magnet link was the downfall of the tradtional model of litigating peer-to-peer to death. Call me a cheerleader, but im sure Anakata understands that seven months of involuntary detention is no more an inconvenience than being roped into a particularly bad vodaphone contract.

Comment we've seen this before on bullshit mountain (Score 5, Insightful) 285

1. insist the US Postal Service implement pension funding 75 years into the future with no known revenue source to do so, as we cannot directly defund it. pretend companies like UPS and FedEx actually want to deliver bulk mail in place of the postal service but are in fact incumbered by its existence.
2. insist NASA pursue permanent manned installations on the moon and mars despite the fact its orders of magnitude more expensive than current unmanned operations. pretend companies like SpaceX are somehow encumbered by the existence of NASA.

Comment so sick of this shit. (Score 0) 67

another startup makes the front pages of slasahdot by dick-riding a successful open source project, closing it off as best it can, and giving neither a link to the source nor direct credit. I dont see GPL anywhere on the site.

by ipv4 and ipv6, do we mean we ticked the little boxes in menuconfig before we compiled debian? because im pretty fucking sure linux has been doing both protocols since 2006.

Programmable datacenter is to google as lights out datacenter was to AOL as smart datacenter was to AT&T. its not actually meant to be an implementable technology any different than that which would be crafted by skilled engineers, architects, and programmers. Its just a neat word to gin up the stock.

'network orchestration hooks.' get ready for support contracts, strategic partnerships, and sla's, because ive never had to use them before to route ipv6, and im not sure how ill use them in the future to do so.

Almost everything from service to download requires me to log in, which certainly betrays the 'used to work at cisco' part of TFS

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