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Comment not to seem insensitive (Score 1) 737

as ive personally seen, "Booth Babes" are ubuquitous at other trade shows as well. The north american international auto show for example employs a few hundred. the great american motorcycle show quite a few more. Cigar afficionado has a show in Las Vegas that has "babes" behind silhouettes and in front of customers. the reason? Sex sells.

A censorship policy prohibiting women who are not fully clothed to your standard is probably what youre asking for as it applies to both booth bunnies and scantilly clad cosplayers alike. The real question that needs to be asked is what constitutes a moral dress code, and should we enforce it when children are present at conventions? we certainly do not enforce the dress code at the local public swimming pool, and the beach is likely just as offensive.

sorry if this comes off a bit rough, im an LA native, but how did you make it into Los Angeles in one piece let alone the Staples Center? the billboards have sexy women, the strip clubs advertise them outside the venues, the homeless are prone to fits of total nudity and your average male or female angelino on flower street can show up in anything from a 3 piece suit to a pair of mens daisy dukes and a cutoff.

Comment so glad to see EA is back in the game again. (Score 5, Funny) 197

after the latest SimCity i was afraid i might never see EA release another title again. However with this latest acquisition i can see EA is still dedicated to the tradition of alienating consumers, infuriating players, and pedaling the franchise ever further into the dirt. A worry had crossed my mind that perhaps they might suddenly change direction, or maybe continue the sincere course the original developers had maintained for so long in order to foster a thriving online gaming community. Yet once i heard "EA was unavailable for comment," I signed in relief and smiled to myself, knowing somewhere, somehow, John Riccitiello's biggest care in the world was trying to find a port of call that not only offered both legitimate cuban cigars as well as fine vintage scotch, but could also fit the likes of his superyacht in on short-notice. Carry on you brave pioneer of the digital age.

Comment you're mistaken Bennett (Score 1) 114

Its facebook, hence youre the product. The product does not complain or pout or campaign. The product is sold to the market, and as long as a market exists for gender based hate speech the pages will exist as well.

now, with Nissan, you are a consumer. if you as a consumer dont appreciate their marketing on these pages then by all means direct your complaints to them. in turn Nissan will demand a partial refund for poor demographic targeting and insist facebook fine-tune its system to prevent further unrest and complaint from their customers.

Comment if it happens it will be a token gesture. (Score 1) 257

carriers and handset manufacturers have absolutely no incentive to make this happen. a market for phone theft insurance exists already, and the ability to disable a stolen phone would arguably reduce the number of phones providers could vend to a specific customer. District attorneys enjoy taking up cause celebre things like 'phone kill switches' because its an election year for most of these guys. rampant theft of the most coveted cellphones is a side effect of the philosophy of futility. That the very idea one might lose their bugati, prada, or iPhone is not only understood, but actively encouraged by advertisers subconsciously as a selling point of the product. exclusivity, social inequality, and elitism are all parts of the culture of conspicuous consumption we've all agreed are acceptable, nay, even ancicipated.

the effective solution is to keep expensive personal electronics secured on your person or away from view in questionable or dangerous areas and situations, or simply stop keeping up with the joneses and start buying something practical and affordable.

Comment automobile methodone (Score 3, Interesting) 216

while i agree finding affordable solutions to retrofit existing vehicles for alternative energy should be a near-term priority, I detest the idea of the long-haul truck as being anything sustainable. we have an entire infrastructure of bought-and-paid-for rail that stretches across the nation to deliver goods. its already partially electric by virtue of its diesel to electric locomotive propulsion system, and could be almost trivial to convert to a hybrid electric system that returns energy to the grid. eventually going full electric would be largely feasible and we'd take some of the largest polluters off the roads in the process.
volvo might use this technology to create rechargeable cities. for example: san diego is a charging city, but once on the freeway you're "wireless" and running off the battery. upon entering say, downtown los angeles, you're in a charging city and running off the grid. grid fees are integrated with parking fees, etc..

Comment oracle doesnt care much....why? (Score -1) 203

one word: DB2. They own it lock, stock and barrel. the number of applications, legacy and existing, that rely on it habitually or out of laziness number in the thousands.

dont believe me? Try getting a working copy of Postfix to compile without DB2 support. Goodbye hashes and Btrees. your only alternative past mysql is going to be LDAP, which might not be so bad but isnt always an option...let alone the best one.

we're going to have to get away from *sql. its just a matter of time until oracle does to, however.

Comment whats more plausible? (Score 2) 749

one man flees to a country where extradition is a questionable practice. He then calmly and rationally divulges a horrific clandestine project to secretly spy on americans, which is then rigorously clarified and refuted by intelligence agencies as being metadata, foreign in nature only, and regulated by a kangaroo court. he promptly goes off-grid and refuses to return.


liar-liar pants-on-fire goes to hong kong and lies about friendly government project that the director of the NSA was caught lying about, but which is super patriotic and safe for everyone based on testamony from people who cant talk about it so why doesnt he just come home so we dont have to send him a ticket home....

this is the saddest attempt at damage control ive ever seen. then again, it came from the house of representatives so we're most certainly trying our best in this case to keep government contractors related to the project from pulling their dollary-doo's out of our states.

Comment thanks copyright...thanks. (Score 2) 442

the song is over a hundred fucking years old. its practically an american standard and so ubiquitously used as to be unenforceable. in any other country a judge would laugh the plaintiff out of the god damn room. if it doesnt go public domain we can definitely start a campaign against it. or should point to a creative-commons or public-domain version of a song that anything from a synthesizer to a ten year old can sing without having to hire johnny cochran.

Comment i cant imagine its productive on many levels (Score 2) 139

checking office docs on a phone seems prohibitive regardless of OS. Microsoft has for roughly a decade tried to "phone" as best it can and shouldnt have any incentive to participate in developing its killer app for iDevices at all. perhaps we're 'embracing' here for the sake of the game? that had we not offered anything at all, Apple would simply have thrown developers at the problem or worse, market share for office365 would have taken a hit. It also prevents C-Level iphone users from getting so angry over the absence as to say "screw it, we use a standard that works with any phone now"

i get the point from MS: if you need something to get windows work done, specifically Microsoft Office or Sharepoint, it might well be worth your while to look into a microsoft phone instead. Its vastly cheaper than an iPhone and while not as "cool" its still more effective than the ported app for any other platform.

Comment sounds like the man might have a point (Score 5, Insightful) 112

Megaupload was offered up by the New Zealand's PM 'on a silver platter' as part of negotiations with Warner Brothers executives for shooting The Hobbit in New Zealand.

seems plausible since there are few jobs in New Zealand, and KDC seemed like a rather small egg to break for the omelette. Del Toro even said in parting words the film was "economically and politically" complicated.

the reason behind the latest delay in extradition hearing (postponed from August this year to March next year) is an attempt to bleed Dotcom dry of his money.

yes. yes it is. this is a very well documented business law tactic in which you leverage your significant legal and monitary resources against a competitor or target for acquisition and simply wait until they declare bankruptcy. in many cases the resulting acquisition (should someone decide to conveniently buy up kim dot coms holdings) can even be written off ones taxes.

the latest debacle of the massive scale online online surveillance by U.S. spy agencies has triggered an 'explosion' of interest in, the 'cloud storage' site with user generated encryption.

here we see Kim jumping the deliniation between government and studio, and thats appropriate for a number of reasons. although the US government is by and for the poeple it rarely listens to anything but the most powerful lobbying groups. Hollywood lobbies through a number of channels. for example, it doles out cash to the department of defense in order to secure $war_devices for its latest blockbuster, and in return enjoys closer access to government foreign policy than had it simply made a sequel to waynes world. perhaps it kills a documentary on marijuana and gets cozier with the DOJ, it doesnt matter. these side-channel efforts are a caustic means of jack-booting the US government into wasting time and resources in bullying its NATO allies into violating the soverign rights of their citizens for the sole good of one industry. its not even our largest industry, but it serves a very important role in government and society. the TV series '24' for example is conjectured to have existed solely to acclimate the american public to the idea that torture was entirely acceptable and effective in the last-minute prevention of a terrorist attack. it makes, or was supposed to have made, the entire 'guantanamo' thing go down easier.

what Kim notes of particular importance in the last quote is particularly critical to the course of american democracy as a whole. We've known for quite some time the american system has problems, but the government has always controlled the message and the people in turn have largely chosen to move on with their 3 sick days per year and sufficient paycheck. When an individual or group 'leaks' a particular piece of information publically, in a means that cant be controlled or filtered, it breeds dissent and unrest in groups it should not. to confirm american warcrimes for example in afghanistan and iraq serves to undermine the united states authority in conducting our 'freedom wars' guaranteed each 4 years. Leaking a domestic spy program serves to underscore the fact that the government understands the only means to prevent dissent and control information is to prevent 'leaks' at their source. Terrorism is the reason, but only so far as terrorism is a definition of the challenge to a governments authority or the ability to directly undermine it. I believe Kim is correct in saying the US government has an undisclosed vested interest in precluding american citizens from gaining access to an offshore, cryptographically secured resource to which they have no access.

Comment it does nothing (Score 4, Insightful) 130

so long as the government has classified documents they dont need to tell anyone anything.
so long as we have redaction, FOIA doesnt really mean anything
so long as the original requests are sealed, the opinions of a judge or judges are decontextualized and meaningless.
and none of this means anything at all once you learn the FISC never rejected a single request last year.

a normal, functioning state has no need for classification of anything really, but this isnt a normal functioning state. we have the worlds highest incarceration rate, we're guaranteed a brand new war every four years, we run torture camps, execute our own citizens without trial, and somehow react with incredulity when we find out our own citizens are either apathetic to democracy, or leak state secrets about our warcrimes or our domestic spy program.

we are the land of the free, so far as we are free to consume the product, and the home of the brave, so long as its state-sponsored.

Comment this is a ridiculous recommendation (Score 5, Insightful) 184

and because 'eat some bugs' gets clicks, slashdot cant stop peddling it.

full disclosure: im vegetarian

most bugs dont contain anything more than protein and a bit of fat, and the ones that do are hands-down unapproachable by a consumer whos traditionally a meat and potatoes person.
if you want some calcium, it would mean getting used to this guy in your mouth:

Its absurd, but hey so is the chicken nugget/finger/ring and its violent extrusion the KFC "double down."
Are we seriously so opposed to broccoli and other vegetables much loathed as children that we're going to eat bugs instead? we already have alternatives to meat that are cheaper, more nutritious, and widely available. The issue at hand is that we put meat in absolutely everything whether it needs it or not. Speaking for the midwest, even salads have cold-cuts liberally interspersed between the nutritionally devoid iceburg lettuce trucked in from new mexico and california. "lets eat bugs" is not a solution to the "meat is expensive" issue because it ignores the underlying problems of factory farming, monocultural foods, and a population of nutritionally ignorant and chronically obese adults and children. until we solve that shitstorm then no matter what we select as our meat methodone its just going to go down the same route.

Comment i never used it, much like the rest of google (Score -1, Troll) 335

but if i had, id replace it with an open source alternative. the problem would then be, without google, id have the crushing burden of choosing any of 23 well developed multiplatform alternatives that respect my privacy and freedom...

Comment buyer beware (Score 1, Interesting) 323

considering america had to basically create panama by blocking columbian troop movement with warships, and bribe its existing stationed troops already in place to lay down arms, id say china should reconsider the proposition being made. the US also had to support a pretty brutal dictator (Noriega) who routinely tortured and murdered his people, as well as fight a brief war to prevent a communist nationalization of the resource. For a country that prides itself on peaceful expansion and nonaggression it may just as well be cheaper to buy the existing canal outright and retrofit it.

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