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Comment for the record, this is a wetware problem. (Score 2) 48

From Foreign Policy Magazine:

Shortly before the Arab Spring, Hillary Clinton praised Bahrain for embarking upon a "democratic path." Obama has since called on Bahrain's rulers to implement reforms, but he's held back from speaking out as forcefully against the crackdown as he did with countries like Libya and Syria. The Obama administration is currently delaying a $53 million arms sale to Bahrain until an "independent" Bahraini panel issues a report on alleged human rights abuses during the uprising.

Why is it we're not leaping to defend the uprisers? The U.S. Navy enjoys having its Fifth Fleet stationed in Bahrain. Bahrain lives adjacent to the persian gulf, which is incidentally pissing distance from our latest boogeyman Iran. Why no arms deal? its not because we give a shit so much as to ensure we can guarantee their military wont stage a coup in the name of the people and oust our convenient dictator...because thats a thing that sometimes happens when people dont like you sticking your dick in their regional politics.

and if you're concerned this is an obama "thing," crack open your history books and turn to the carter doctrine. Jimmy basically guaranteed we have to spend the rest of our miserable existence stirring a kettle of kalashnikovs for cheap oil.

Comment so the alternative is clear (Score 0) 214

learn to cook, and eat at home. not only will you avoid supporting an industry that underpays and brutalizes every employee from servers to dishwashers, but you'll avoid other ugly things like reservation wars and hepatitis. Invite friends over, turn the TV off, have a good conversation, but stop shoveling coal into this engine of human misery we call "fine dining."

Comment wrong means of funding (Score 0) 267

crowdsourcing implies you're enticing me with a service or product i want that i dont have. iphone, ipad, android and to a lesser extent windows phone already provide me with a means to consume advertisements and participate in a walled garden. If canonicals intent is to build me a phone i want to use, then it needs to take a few hundred steps back and explain to me how forwarding search information to is in any way helpful in respecting or preserving my privacy.

crowdsourcing also implies you cant afford to do this on your own, but you also dont have investment potential in a legitimate public market. To date Canonical has declared 30 million in revenue, which seems to suggest it could entice investors or backers if it went public and issued stock, which is what companies do when they want to expand. starting a kickstarter seems like a cheap pitch by canonical to trick people into paying for something that will just take advantage of them through the same invasive advertising and privacy violation used by three other device manufacturers to varying degrees of success in order to further profit

Comment wrong hammer for the nail (Score 3, Interesting) 244

The problem to school attendance is a societal issue. texas' abstinence only education perpetuates a cycle in which unfit or unwilling parents are needlessly encumbered by raising a child. working two jobs and barely making rent, the prosects are low when faced with ensuring your child doesnt starve to death and attends school on a regular basis.
through policical will, we've slashed education funding to the lowest levels in 30 years. We shouldnt get the luxury of complaining about low school attendance figures when evidence suggests there are arent enough teachers let alone truancy officers to ensure attendance.
the increasing police presence in most schools also reinforces a schoolhouse to jailhouse track for kids that need help the most. one or two run-ins with the cops and most kids just quit going entirely assuming the system is rigged against them.
Dont get me wrong, RFID is a glorious technology. We should use it instead to track politicians in the pursuit of determining where they get off neutering a public service that is intrinsic in becoming a functional human being, let alone model citizen. Maybe a few well placed tags can determine at what point our duly elected officials secure kickbacks for more cops in schools. Line their pockets with some and lets try to figure out what tribal leader is pushing them model legislation for doling cash to religious institutions disguised as legitimate schools

Comment a treasure trove indeed. (Score 2) 161

im sure they could correlate a wealth of information by looking at german communications station logs from these vessels to determine the exact time and date of their demise

"day 15, we remain undetected off the enemy coastline. I dont know how the allies have patrolled so long and hard without fiWF##$(_NO CARRIER"

Comment clarification (Score 1) 290

this isnt a justification to go 'to the cloud.' its a cautionary tale on the merits of redundant infrastructure. in the grande tradition of slashdot car analogies: what you did was the equivalent of buying a maserati after your car was in the shop instead of taking the bus.
Amazon and friends still have regular service outages. these in fact may exceed your yearly downtime depending on how good an admin you are. the only difference is instead of a drunk driver you're held hostage by a provider that has no accountability when it comes to your uptime.

Comment for clarity (Score 1) 211

Natural-gas extraction, geothermal-energy production and other activities that inject fluid underground

no those first two are really the only two. finding a study which suddenly lumps a very controversial method of extracting natural gas next to a method of energy production we've used for 40 years is actually rather suspicious.

Comment from a moral standpoint its deplorable. (Score 1) 95

as a corporation is abdicates you from the responsibility of things like health insurance in countries like america that have very expensive coverage individuals typically cannot afford. In more advanced countries like sweden or canada, youre indirectly allowing a government to subsidize a component of your under-the-table employment of coders and hackers. expenses like retirement, life insurance, dental coverage and the cost of work-related activities like ice cream socials are then realized as a savings. In my opinion coders and hackers must be very careful when engaging in bug bounty as the cost of a programmer including benefits is often not fully reimbursed when they find and patch a bug. even if that is not a primary consideration, the ethics of fixing googles problems are worth considering

small projects like mozilla should get to do it, as theyve consistently demonstrated a moral and ethical commitment to protecting the internet for all humankind. Google, a major multinational corporation that lobbies congress for H1B legislation, is in a bit more of a grey area. Chrome is an offering in which its user becomes the product, the final objective to sell the subjects data to various other corporations and earn a profit.

Comment actual quotes from card (Score 1) 1448

from the googles, not hard to find most of these. For the record, as a gay man, there is absolutely no future tolerance for a person or group of people who have systematically enacted legislation and perpetuated stereotypes and outright lies to justify my existence as a second class citizen. Its like after the 1964 civil rights amendment, you issue a statement calling for tolerance and respect of the view that interracial marriage is an abomination. Not surprisingly, Card is a member of the National Organization for Marriage, a group thats equated gays to the downfall of organized religion and government, and largely bankrolled californias proposition 8.

"Regardless of law, marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down, so it can be replaced with a government that will respect and support marriage..."

"The first and greatest threat from court decisions in California and Massachusetts, giving legal recognition to "gay marriage," is that it marks the end of democracy in America. "

"And if you choose to home-school your children so they are not propagandized with the "normality" of "gay marriage," you will find more states trying to do as California is doing -- making it illegal to take your children out of the propaganda mill that our schools are rapidly becoming."

"in another column I will talk seriously and candidly about the state of scientific research on the causes of homosexuality, and the reasons why homosexuality persists even though it does not provide a reproductive advantage."

Comment so what we're saying is true (Score 4, Funny) 423

TAWS computer: SINK RATE!!
pilot: You're a 777 so that makes you about 18 years old. why dont you show some respect.
TAWS computer: TOO LOW!!! TERRAIN!!
pilot: you kids think you know everything. back in my day we didnt shout at our elders.
TAWS computer: PULL UP!!! PULL UP!!! PULL UP!!!
pilot: get off my damn lawn.

Comment the discourse as it stood (Score 5, Funny) 254

EDA: did you guys just smash a bunch of computers with a hammer because of viruses?
DHS: Yes, but there havent been any terrorist attacks since we smashed everything with hammers. clearly the operation was a massive success.
EDA: I dont even.....
DHS: yep. Freedom isnt free.

Comment its certainly something. (Score 1, Troll) 976

Disclosure: I dont own a gun.
The app seems like its going to anger quite a few people who hold the second amendment dear. I can see instances in which the app is used by police to target dissenters before an organized protest on the guise they plan to start a riot. Or perhaps the map is used by criminals to identify homes without firearms. marking an entire neighborhood is bound to lower property value. However in many cases the recourse for average citizens to do anything about a mentally unstable neighbor that owns a gun or guns is pretty limited. The viet-nam vet who pipes michael savage throughout the porch and parades around the back yard in fatigues with an assault rifle literally was my neighbor for 4 years in suburban ohio. i cringed every time i saw a girl scout or jehovas witness approach the door. The neighborhood association did nothing and the local police, despite the fact the man had been banned from a local public festival and a wal-mart, simply acknowledged him to be an interesting character.

The site asks if I know anyone who does not use a gun lock, and considering as i live in a state that leads the nation in child firearm fatalities im inclined to use the app to report people who dont use them.

Comment We have resolved this issue. (Score 4, Informative) 35

From the article:

UPDATE: NATS has claimed to have now fixed the problem. “NATS has identified and corrected the technical problem that has been affecting air traffic control systems in the south of England,” its latest statement read. “Operations are now returning to normal and we are working with the airports, airlines and Eurocontrol to clear the backlog of flights to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. “Outbound delays from the UK have generally been limited to 20 minutes.”

on an unrelated note: Dennis is no longer allowed to sit in the control room while quaffing his morning cuppa.
NATS operations management team

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